10 Reasons to add UBD to your tape backup process

  • Plug in replacement for your current tape drive
  • Eliminates tape for onsite backupsUBD pic 275x133
  • Immediately shortens backup windows
  • Tapeless backup works with your current backup commands and software
  • Provides fastest recovery speeds  – get quick access to your data
  • Fully scalable – no limits to storage size
  • Quick implementation – starts working from hour one
  • Seamless integration with tape backups for long term storage
  • Gateway device – can be used to store backups on a NAS, SAN or any dedupe appliance that supports CIFS, NFS or iSCSI connections
  • Easy implementation – instantly improved backup process & immediate ROI

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The simple yet powerful UBD solution can best be seen
through a live, on-line demo


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