Texas Clothing Manufacturer Cuts iSeries Backup Window by Half


Large Clothing Mfg.


  • Lengthy backup: 13 hours
  • Tape drive malfunctions
  • Tape media cost
  • Off-site tape storage

LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD)

  • Backup time cut by half
  • No tape required
  • No iSeries DASD space used
  • No off-site tape storage
  • Seamless interface with EMC Avamar


The IT Operations Manager of a large US clothing manufacturer needed an iSeries® backup solution that would, “shorten their backup window while allowing him to use less or no tape, as well as interface with their new EMC® Avamar® solution for off-site data storage.”

Their current nightly backup was taking over 13 hours to save 2.8TB to three LTO-2 tape drives. Combined with on-going tape cartridge breakages, tape device malfunctions and rising off-site storage and retrieval costs, they were ready to burst at the seams.


LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD) emulates a Fibre Channel attached LTO tape drive to the iSeries and gives customers the ability to save their iSeries backups to any Windows server hard disk where an Avamar agent can process them. Their IT manager states:

“We saw the UBD solution and knew it was the direction we needed to be headed. It used our current iSeries Fibre Channel network, interfaced with Robot/SAVE and would allow us to save our backups to Avamar for long term storage.”


Using UBD, our customer is now saving their 2.8TB backup to disk in less than six hours, allowing them to cut their backup window by 50% and interface with their Avamar solution.

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