SAVsmart is a complete turnkey tapeless backup solution for the small to medium backup user, up to 400 GB a day. SAVsmart eliminates tape handling for on-site backups and provides seamless integration with tape for long term storage.

SAVsmart makes it easy to replace your manual tape backups 

  • Plug-and-play tapeless disk-to-disk (D2D) backup solution for IBM i (AS/400,
    iSeries, System i)lvb-savsmart-appliance-picture_96dpi_300px
  • Backup anywhere from 10GB—400GB per day
  • Automatically copies to your own HD Raid, SAN, NAS, or dedupe appliance
  • Full system backup supported with included SAVSYSLV module for cold boot
  • Connects using existing TCP/IP network and commands similar to IBM tape backup commands
  • Includes (2) 2TB external drives to use for your backup and a copy for extra data security
  • Store up to 8TB of backups
  • Use with LaserVault Replacador to automatically replicate backups to the Cloud, offsite location, or external drive
  • Direct support from UBD developers who know the product best
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SAVsmart is a complete turnkey system

SAVsmart is a turnkey tapeless backup system designed for any business (SME) using an IBM i server and backing up to 400GB of data a day. It comes with the LVBackup software already installed on a Windows 10 Mini Computer with compression and AES-256 encryption, 1GB Ethernet Port; Internal 500GB SSD, 8GB RAM. It includes SAVSYSLV for OS/400 and LIC saves. For more information on technical specifications, download the SAVsmart tech specs guide.

SAVsmart will make managing your IBM i backups easier than using tape so you’ll spend less time and effort on your backups and restores, plus your data will be better protected by eliminating the many risks of using tape.

You can start simplifying your backup process immediately. Most users are backing up using the LVBackup SAVsmart system the same day it is installed.
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Now could be the best time to modernize your backups and restores

It’s never been easier to modernize your iSeries, AS/400, and System i backup and restore process. ACT NOW. See SAVsmart today with an on-line demo

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