C-Life Group Gains Control over Paper Document Inefficiencies with LaserVault DMS, LaserVault Reports and Content Express


C-Life Group, LTD.
New York, NY

Wholesale, Apparel
Manufacturer & Importer

IBM AS/400

  • Over a dozen different document types requiring multiple filing systems
  • Additional personnel needed to manage all of the paper documents
  • Misfiled and lost documents
  • Using paper documents complicated the filing of chargebacks
  • Physical storage space needed for keeping an overflow of paper

LaserVault DMS with
LaserVault Reports and Content Express

  • Instant access to documents & reports
  • Savings of 1-2 full-time employee positions
  • Ability to easily create and electronically distribute PDFs of documents
  • No more lost or misplaced documents
  • Less physical space needed for storage


The wholesale apparel industry requires businesses to handle a multitude of different types of documents. Because of this, C-Life Group, Ltd. dealt with an overflow of paper throughout their company.

Personnel spent valuable time getting up from their desks to get paper files, make copies, send faxes, etc. They frequently used additional time looking for misplaced or lost documents. When not searching for documents, they spent time filing, organizing, and making room for storing them.


C-Life looked for a solution that would help eliminate wasted personnel time. They also needed a more efficient way to manage the variety of documents the business used. To that end, C-Life selected LaserVault’s Document Management Solution (LVDMS) with Content Express and LaserVault Reports (LVR).

According to Eli Mamui, CFO at C-Life, LVDMS helps them better manage their documents:

We use LaserVault DMS for filing: payables, purchase orders, cash batches, chargebacks, customer agreements, customer orders, certificates of compliance, import folders, leases and agreements, payroll reports, personnel records, proof of deliveries, and routing guides, as well as for our AS/400 reports.
“All inquiries whether internal or external used to take time for a person to leave their desks, look for files, make copies, scan and forward to a requesting party.  It is all now done from our desktops in a fraction of the time, and we don’t need to worry about misfiling documents and not being able to find them.
“Fighting chargebacks is a lot easier as well, as most backup (documentation) is at our fingertips. We can now move files out to permanent storage quicker saving space in our showroom.
“As for reports, there is no need to keep retention binders anymore as all reports can be reviewed electronically. With Content Express, reports are automatically converted to PDF version for us to send out for distribution. DMS has saved us 1-2 employee positions over the years.”


With LVDMS and LVR, C-Life now has control of their documents and their essential business processes. They now use their personnel’s time more efficiently with electronically stored documents accessed with a quick keystroke from their desktops.


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