Replace your current method of manually printing, filing, and storing paper documents with an automated process of capturing documents from any source, including:

  • Financial Reports
  • Invoices
  • Pick Tickets
  • Bills of Lading
  • Accounts Payable Documents
  • Emails
  • MS Office Documents
  • Faxes

This screenshot shows how DMS10 makes it easy to set up monitoring of your documents.

DMS10 Folderwatch Screen (click image to enlarge)

DMS10 Folderwatch Screen (click image to enlarge)

DMS Folder Watch

  • Set up automatic capturing of documents from folders or shared folders, email addresses, and Microsoft’s Fax Server
  • Automatically capture scanned documents and scan them to a folder or shared folder and configure Folder Watch to monitor for those documents
  • Set Folder Watch to process barcode cover pages and separator pages automatically
  • Capture emails and attachments automatically
  • Automatically capture the email meta-data for indexing purposes
  • Configure Folder Watch to capture incoming fax documents using Microsoft’s Fax Server software. You can also use Folder Watch to capture faxed documents saved to a folder



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