Concord Hospitality Enterprises

It is a great product that is very flexible and easy to use. In considering LaserVault, we were concerned whether it would work as advertised and whether it would be scalable enough. It has turned out to be a very good recommendation. LV DMS has met all of our needs.
“Our Development Department relies heavily on the Capex (Capital Expenditures) workflow as it removes a lot of manual steps, allows Regional VPs, owners, and the Capex team, to approve, deny, or delay spending money based on the type of expenditure, where the item is in the workflow, etc. This workflow automates 90% of the work involved so the process runs a lot better than it ever did when it was being run manually.
“Our Accounting Department relies on the Utility workflow to automate the process of forwarding information to our third party Utility monitoring vendor. When this process was run manually, it was often forgotten, and never done reliably, however, the workflow never misses any invoices and gets them to the right place every time. Each of these workflows allows us to remove manual processes (saving cost of labor and removing the possibility of human error) and automates the processes so they work the same way every time.”
– Andrew Switala, Network Administrator, Concord Hospitality Enterprises   Read More »


Vulcraft of New York, Nucor/Vulcraft Group

LaserVault has a lot of bonuses and it’s definitely a quality product for the price. There are many other higher priced products out there that do things a little differently. I would say that for someone on a budget it’s well worth the money.
“Sometimes there are a few hundred pages that are associated with a job and being able to scan to a network folder and having that cover page dictate where those documents goes saves a lot of time and effort, its fire and forget.”
– Tom Jones, IT Supervisor, Vulcraft of New York, Inc., Nucor/Vulcraft Group   Read More »


Carter Machinery Company

Stopping printing has saved 1,000s of pages of paper, toner and time! We use LaserVault to manage our PDFs, TIFFs, shipping docs, several daily parts reports, and several month-end reports. We can now email a shipping document directly to the customers, and being able to capture customer signatures on our shipping orders allows us to go back and prove if someone signed for them.”  – Bill Wright, Systems Administrator, Carter Machinery Company  Read More »


Steel of West Virginia

I recommend LaserVault DMS because you can retrieve information from your desktop without having to go to a file cabinet. The ability to search documents with key fields is a huge time saver for us. LaserVault DMS allows us to use key fields to easily search documents for needed information, saving considerable time. We need to be able to auto email documents without having to deal with paper and LaserVault gives us this ability.”
– Rodney Wayne, IT Manager, Steel of West Virginia  Read More »


C-Life Group

We use LaserVault DMS for filing: payables, purchase orders, cash batches, chargebacks, customer agreements, customer orders, certificates of compliance, import folders, leases and agreements, payroll reports, personnel records, proof of deliveries, and routing guides, as well as for our AS/400 reports. All inquiries, whether internal or external, used to take time for a person to leave their desks, look for files, make copies, scan and forward to a requesting party. It is all now done from our desktops in a fraction of the time, and we don’t need to worry about misfiling documents and not being able to find them.

“Fighting chargebacks is a lot easier as well, as most backup (documentation) is at our fingertips. We can now move files out to permanent storage quicker, saving space in our showroom. As for reports, there is no need to keep retention binders anymore as all reports can be reviewed electronically. With Content Express, reports are automatically converted to PDF version for us to send out for distribution. DMS has saved us 1-2 employee positions over the years.”  – Eli Mamui, CFO, C-Life Group  Read More »


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