Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about LaserVault DMS10, our browser-based document management system.

What is the LaserVault Document Management Solution?

LaserVault Document Management System, or DMS10, is a full-featured, browser-based document management solution. DMS10 enables your business to leverage technology, giving you instant access to your document information digitally, while eliminating or reducing the use of paper documents.

How is DMS10 different from other document management products?

DMS10 is a world-class solution with enterprise-class functionality for one low price, and that price is a fraction of the cost of most comparable systems.

How do I implement DMS10?

Implementing DMS10 is easier than you might think. An online demo can show you how.

What savings should I expect to see using DMS10?

Every company is different but across the board savings are significant. By automating your Workflow and eliminating paper, overall productivity improves. Having instant access to your documents reduces costs and significantly improves the work process by replacing manual steps.

What are some of the typical areas where savings are seen?

  • Purchasing of storage materials decreases. This can include costs for file cabinets, file folders, labels, hanging folders, storage boxes, etc.
  • Off-site storage costs and maintenance are reduced or eliminated
  • Labor hours are saved by employees no longer spending their time:
    • copying, organizing, filing paper documents
    • sorting and purging old physical documents to make room for more
    • trying to track down and locate misplaced, misfiled or lost documents
    • retrieving paper documents that were stored either on or off-site

Determining your potential savings is key to implementing a document management solution. Our ROI calculator worksheet can help.

How else will DMS10 benefit my company?

Your customers will be happier. The automated processes and instant access to information enables your staff to provide improved customer service, both internally and externally, which will, in turn, result in higher customer satisfaction.

Can I use DMS10 with my IBM i system?

DMS10 is a Windows and web based system that integrates with your IBM i, web, Windows and Linux applications.

What is DMS10 Workflow?

DMS10 with Workflow allows you to create a digital document workflow process matching the same business process that your paper documents follow. The difference is that DMS10 makes that paper process completely automated.

You can approve and/or review documents from the web browser interface, make notes on documents before approving, attach additional documents, perform index functions and approve documents from your email.

What types of documents can I manage with DMS10?

DMS10 can be used for filing and managing a wide range of documents, including:

  • payables
  • purchase orders
  • cash batches
  • chargebacks
  • customer agreements
  • sales orders
  • invoices
  • statements
  • certificates of compliance
  • leases and agreements
  • payroll reports
  • personnel records
  • proof of deliveries
  • routing guides
  • shipping documents

How long does it take to retrieve documents stored with DMS10?

Seconds. Documents can be retrieved instantly without leaving your desk.

What types of document functions can I perform with DMS10?

With the touch of a single key, DMS10 allows you to:

With DMS10 you get workflow, text and zone OCR, unlimited users, interface, scanning, editing, reports, form designers, structured searches, full text searches, users permissions and security.

DMS10 accepts documents that are faxed in, emailed in or are transferred through FTP into a particular folder. DMS10 can also accept documents by API.

What kind of support is available with DMS10?

DMS10 is supported by LaserVault meaning you get support directly from the individuals who developed and understand the product and know how it works and what it can do.

How can I learn more about DMS10?

By scheduling a live online demo, you can see all of the features of DMS10 and learn how it can help you improve your processes, eliminate paper and why it is different from other document management solutions.

If DMS10 does not meet my needs, can I get a refund?

Returns are accepted within the first 30-days from the date of installation. All returns must be pre-authorized and are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

Who makes DMS10?

LaserVault DMS10 is a product of Electronic Storage Corporation (ESC). Since 1989, ESC has been creating and selling archiving software, primarly to the IBM midrange market. Our other products include: LaserVault Universal Backup Device, LaserVault Backup, LaserVault Reports, and Content Express.

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