How the Mobile Revolution in Document Management Can Help Your business be More Efficient and Profitable

by Brad Jensen, CEO

by Brad Jensen, CEO

Mobile technology is changing the way business is done at forward-looking enterprises around the world. Business processes that used to depend on desktop and laptop PCs can now be done with a device that fits in your pocket. The result is more work being done faster by the same people. That is why so many businesses today, who were at first reluctant to integrate smart phones and tablets into their IT networks, are now rushing to embrace this new technology.

For most business processes, the number one determinant of process efficiency is document generation and handling. Each document integrates with one or more events in the business cycle. Purchase orders, work orders, design documents, invoicing, customer support, payroll and HR generate huge volumes of business documents.

Most modern business environments have long since moved from paper to electronic documents to simplify and speed up this process. Many are using structured, rules-based workflow systems to increase document handling efficiency.

Digital faxing and internally and externally generated PDFs, together with bar code integration, have accelerated business to new heights of efficiency. Now mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are adding a new dimension to document management.

Tablets such as the iPad and the Nexus 7 make it possible to generate, review, and approve documents on the go. The cameras in recent tablets are so good, they become a scanner you can point at documents to introduce them into the document processing cycle. You can take a picture of an inventory item and scan its barcode to update your database. You can receive a PDF through workflow or email and approve and route it to someone else.

All of these things can be done faster, cheaper, and easier than before.

Many legacy document management systems have been struggling to add on features that integrate with mobile devices. Several years ago, we decided that we needed a complete rewrite of our system to make it mobile integrated and browser-agnostic. We recoded every module of our system from scratch and the result is LaserVault DMS 10.

You can take a look at our system by attending our quick, incisive webinar. Come see what mobile document processing can do for your enterprise.

Brad Jensen, CEO
Electronic Storage Corporation – LaserVault