Scan documents to DMS10 from any desktop or network-attached scanner. Scan documents with any multi-function copier attached to your network.

DMS10 Scan Station features

► Simple Batch Processing from an Image File or Scanner
► Define multiple batch properties with automated:

  • De-Skew
  • Convert to Black and White
  • Auto Crop
  • Remove Dithering Horizontally and Vertically
  • Detect Blank Pages
  • Scan for Barcodes
  • Auto Separate documents with barcode separator pages
  • Auto Rotate

► Perform Full-Text OCR
► Perform Barcode OCR
► Quality Control includes:

  • Delete pages
  • Move pages
  • Split pages into separate documents
  • Replace pages

► Data Entry with ODBC data verification, list generation, and auto-fill
► Compatible with TWAIN scanners

Use DMS10 to Manage These Types of Documents

  • payables
  • purchase orders
  • cash batches
  • chargebacks
  • customer agreements
  • sales orders
  • invoices
  • statements
  • certificates of compliance
  • leases and agreements
  • payroll reports
  • personnel records
  • proof of deliveries
  • routing guides
  • shipping documents
DMS10 Scan Station

DMS10 Scan Station (click image to enlarge)

The DMS10 Scan Station feature makes scanning your documents easy and provides tools to allow you to save them to your designated folders. The DMS10 Scan Station also offers full and zone OCR, as well as barcode recognition. The cover page feature allows you to batch your documents for better management.


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