City of Hoover Uses LV DMS with SunGard Public Sector for Streamlined Access to Their Documents and Data


City of Hoover
Hoover, Alabama

City Government

SunGard Public Sector

  • Wide variety of documents being managed by several different departments
  • Manual processes for handling paper documents slowed
  • Being able to manage and access both current and historical documents

LaserVault DMS

  • Streamlined access to their information
  • Better organization of business data and documents
  • Integration with SunGard Public Sector screens for seamless access
  • Automatic workflow of Accounts Payable processes
  • Eliminated manual processes for copying and sending documents


Like most city governments, the City of Hoover has a multitude of different departments that handle the wide-range of areas that encompass the city’s business. With each department using different types of paper documents, they needed a way to organize and streamline it all.

Although the City was using LaserVault Imaging, a basic scan and archive system, to meet their growing needs they wanted to advance to a full-featured document management solution.


After evaluating and demoing other solutions available, they chose to upgrade from LaserVault Imaging to LaserVault DMS.

One of the keys to the right solution for them was one that would work with their SunGard Public Sector system screens to enable all the departments to fully benefit from having integrated access.

According to Melinda James Lopez, Director of Information Management and Reporting for the City of Hoover:

“We use DMS for a multitude of documents: resolutions, ordinances, AP, payroll, HR, GIS, police records, fire EMS, risk management, business license applications, etc.”

She adds that the biggest help comes from:

“the ease of accessing documents, especially when we can use app link to tie to our SunGard Public Sector screens!”


The City of Hoover uses LaserVault DMS in several departments. Says Melinda:

“Our use differs according to each department: revenue has most of their business license applications returned in January, so they are bigger users then and less during the year. Payroll uses it for check and direct deposit imaging, which is every other week. Police have gone back and imaged their old police reports before they shred those documents.”

In addition, she states that LV DMS has helped improve productivity.

“It makes it easier for those needing documents and easier on the people who used to get up, make a copy and then send it.”

The City of the Hoover is pleased with the benefits of LV DMS and its ability to integrate with their SunGard Public Sector platform. The enterprise level functionality of LV DMS works with any application, and any platform, and can be adapted to any business process for any department, providing improved efficiencies, increased savings, and instant access to a company’s information.”


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