LaserVault DMS Workflow Automates 90% of Business Processes for Key Department at Hospitality Group


Concord Hospitality
Enterprises - Raleigh, NC


Windows Server 2008 R2
MIMIX HA Replication

  • Over 500 paper docs handled per day
  • Limited storage space
  • Increasing labor costs to deal with paper documents
  • Manually searching for paper documents

LaserVault DMS

  • Immediate access to all documents
  • Easy retrieval of info
  • Workflow automates 90% of Capex process
  • Reliable and accurate delivery of documents
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of human error
  • Reduced storage space for paper documents
  • Direct labor savings
  • Works with a variety of document types
  • Customizable to meet company needs


Concord Hospitality Enterprises was dealing with the challenges of managing hundreds of paper documents per day, including accounts payable invoices, W-9’s, contracts, etc. The result was a growing need for additional time and personnel to handle it all, and more storage space in which to keep it. Manually searching through paper documents was time-consuming and inefficient.


Reviewing a number of possible systems, they chose LaserVault DMS Document Management Solution (LV DMS). Andrew Switala, Network Administrator at Concord, states:

“In considering LaserVault, we were concerned whether it would work as advertised and whether it would be scalable enough. It has turned out to be a very good recommendation. LV DMS has met all of our needs.”

“With the search feature we are quickly able to find stored information with a minimum of difficulty when compared with handling paper documents.”

The LV DMS Workflow has had a significant positive impact on their overall business processes. According to Andrew:

“Our development Department relies heavily on the Capex (Capital Expenditures) workflow as it removes a lot of manual steps, allows Regional VPs, owners, and the Capex team, to approve, deny, or delay spending money based on the type of expenditure, where the item is in the workflow, etc. This workflow automates 90% of the work involved so the process runs a lot better than it ever did when it was being run manually.
“Our Accounting department relies on the Utility workflow to automate the process of forwarding information to our third party Utility monitoring vendor. When this process was run manually, it was often forgotten, and never done reliably, however, the workflow never misses any invoices and gets them to the right place every time.
“Each of these workflows allows us to remove manual processes (saving cost of labor and removing the possibility of human error) and automates the processes so they work the same way every time.”


LV DMS enabled Concord to eliminate a significant amount of paper documents, while giving them instant access to the information the documents contained. In addition, savings were realized in reducing the amount of manpower needed to handle the documents and the amount of space needed to store them. In regards to recommending LaserVault DMS, Andrew says:

“It is a great product that is very flexible and easy to use. The flexibility of the LV DMS product is important to us as we can customize it to do many things outside of the normal scope of its usage.”



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