Vulcraft of New York finds LaserVault’s Document Management Solution a Quality Product for the Price


Vulcraft of New York, Inc.
Nucor/Vulcraft Group
Chemung, NY

Steel Fabrication

Windows 2008 / MS SQL 2008

  • Documentation for a single job totaling up to several hundred pages
  • Storing paper documents in filing cabinets
  • Physical space needed to store and archive paper documents
  • Rising costs of paper, supplies, file cabinets and storage space
  • Manual searches of paper files needed to find historical info

LaserVault DMS

  • Ability to archive all data relating to a single job at one time
  • Multiple document types used: pdfs, tiffs and Outlook.msg's
  • OCR searches and key word searches enable quick data location
  • Quick access to archived data without using paper files
  • Quality product for price
  • Cost effective for business on a budget
  • Great support & always willing to help


With the documentation for a single job able to total up to hundreds of pages, Vulcraft of New York, Inc., faced a daunting challenge in terms of having enough file cabinets and storage space to keep it all. When it came time to research to find historical information, their employees had to comb through stacks of paper documents to find what was needed. As the cost of paper, supplies, file cabinets, and storage space continued to increase, so did the labor cost for handling it all.


Searching for a solution that would 1) reduce the time they spent processing the paper documents, 2) help them gain back the space used for storing the documents and 3) was reasonably priced and full featured, Vulcraft selected LaserVault’s Document Management Solution (LV DMS).

According to Tom Jones, IT Supervisor at Vulcraft:

Laservault has a lot of bonuses and it’s definitely a quality product for the price. There are many other higher priced products out there that do things a little differently. I would say that for someone on a budget it’s well worth the money.”

The LV DMS system enables them to archive an entire job once it is complete. He adds that the LV DMS feature that helps the most are the cover sheets, stating:

Sometimes there are a few hundred pages that are associated with a job and being able to scan to a network folder and having that cover page dictate where those documents goes saves a lot of time and effort, it’s fire and forget.”


Although the support they would receive was a concern when initially considering the LaserVault solution, Tom says:

Support is great and always willing to help. Pam always checks back with me to make sure I am satisfied with the service I have received.”

Because LV DMS is directly supported by Electronic Storage Corporation the support is provided by the same staff that developed the software so they are intimately aware of how it functions and how to support customers using it. Vulcraft’s overall productivity has improved with LV DMS. Tom explains:

Researching historical documentation without having to manually go through paper files saves time. OCR helps as well. Being able to search the documents for keywords helps a lot.”


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