Workflow Keeps Documents from Falling Through the Cracks

Lost documents or a delay of approval can cost your company thousands of dollars each month. With DMS10 Workflow, you can create an electronic document workflow process matching the same business process that paper documents follow. The difference is that DMS10 makes that paper process completely automated.

Previously time-consuming manual processes that are subject to possible human error are completed digitally. With Workflow, they’re done at light speed, and they’re done automatically, as scheduled, without the chance of being forgotten or overlooked.

DMS10 Workflow Universal Web Interface Features Include:

  • View and complete workflow tasks from any browser, tablet, or smartphone
  • Define document tasks like approve, deny, route, complete, data entry, review, and annotate
  • Define custom document routing with VB scripting
  • Make document annotations like text notes, sticky notes, highlighting, redaction, and signatures
  • Administrators can assign tasks to users within a work-group
  • Auto-assign tasks to users within a work-group
  • Users can mark tasks as pending or urgent
  • Users can attach additional documents
DMS10 Workflow Universal Web Interface Screen (click image to enlarge)

DMS10 Workflow Universal Web Interface screen (click image to enlarge)

Approve and review your documents from the DMS10 web browser interface, make notes on documents before approving, attach additional documents, perform index functions, and approve documents from your email. Use Workflow for:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Requests
  • Customer Contracts
  • H/R Documents
  • Sales Quotes

Here is an example of a typical workflow process that has been automated with DMS10. In this example, the yellow circles represent tasks that are completed at each step of the workflow process. The “Check for Approval” is an automated (or scripted) task. The script routes documents to their next task based on document index data, such as amount, department, user or group. A manual task is added when a user has to make a decision regarding the documents. In this example, the user would either approve the document, which routes it to payment or decline the document. The arrows represent transitions from one task to another.

Workflow Task Editor (click image to enlarge)

Workflow Task Editor (click image to enlarge)

Customers using DMS10 Workflow find they can easily automate previously manual processes to work the same way every time and are completed as scheduled, saving the cost of labor and removing the possibility of human error.

With the DMS10 online demo, it’s easy to see how Workflow can help your company eliminate manual processes and save your business thousands of dollars a year.


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