Carlisle Etcetera LLC

“What helps us the most is the easy restoration process instead of looking for tape; the data catalog (on LVB) is really useful that way. We no longer have missed backups because of tape schedules, and we are now able to backup on weekends easier. I would recommend LaserVault Backup to any company that is doing backups with a rotating tape schedule.”
– Robert Abrahamson, iSeries Administrator, Carlisle Etcetera  
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Roosevelt Paper Company

“Getting data to our DR site without having to transport tapes is critical. LaserVault works with our AS/400 and lets us eliminate the DR tapes, so it was a great solution for us to find.  I would recommend LaserVault Backup for any company that is using tape and is looking to improve their backup and DR process by using a combination of tape and disk to disk.”
– Tim Horan, Director of Information Technology, Roosevelt Paper Company
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City Government, Florida, U.S.

“We were looking for a way to get away from tape and to utilize our disk array for backup storage. LaserVault Backup works without having  to use tape. It’s also faster and more reliable than tape. LaserVault offered a good value. We found no other solutions that could do the job we needed and that was within our price range.” – Senior Systems Analyst, City Government, Florida
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“LaserVault Backup is a very good solution. It gives us an easy way to restore object by object, instead of having to restore full backups in order to get data for one file only. (LaserVault Backup) works like a charm.”
– Roman Egoul, Sr. Programmer Analyst, RansomeCAT
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