Time for Tapeless? Laservault Tempts the SMB

itj-logoIBM midrange shops with dedicated system operators that manage backup media and drives are few and far between these days. The common staffing arrangement has programmers or maybe network admins juggling backup duties along with their other responsibilities. Read More

APSU Uses LaserVault Backup to Eliminate Tape Media for its Clients

mc_header_logo_200x30Technology pioneer, APSU, the most highly accredited IBM business partner in Europe, is using LaserVault Backup to back up its clients’ IBM i host systems. LaserVault Backup is a disk-to-disk (D2D) solution from Electronic Storage Corporation, an IBM Business Partner and provider of storage and recovery software solutions for the
IBM i.  Read More 

LaserVault Backup Goes to Europe

itj-logoElectronic Storage Corp. says that its disk-to-disk LaserVault Backup offering is helping IBM i shops in the UK eliminate their reliance on tape and move to a more streamlined backup environment.
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LaserVault Offers SaaS for D2D Backup System for iSeries

ibm-sys-magazine-logo-5-13(Tulsa, OK) April 15, 2013 –For the first time ever, LaserVault® is making its LaserVault Backup (LVB) disk to disk (D2D) software available as SaaS (software as a service).  When companies who use iSeries® systems and backup their data to tape consider changing to D2D instead of tape, they often remain with tape when faced with two main issues. One is an “expected complexity” of the D2D implementation, and second is the anticipated cost. This is true even when they may be experiencing the additional costs of managing tape backups, as well as the potential vulnerability of tape as a media, when compared with disk to disk.

ExaGrid® and IBM i Series and LaserVault Backup

IBM iSexagrid_logo in the news 150x36eries (AS400 and System i) users can quickly and efficiently back up their data on the most cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup system available on the market, using LaserVault Backup (LVB).

LaserVault Backup 3.0.26 added to IBM Global Solutions Directory

PWMemberMark[1]LaserVault Backup (LVB) improves data protection while increasing performance and security for your IBM i® Power Systems backups by providing reliable, easy-to-manage, cost-efficient protection for mission-critical system data.  Read More

LaserVault Backup to work with GreenBytes Deduplication System

logo[1]The GB-1000, when paired with backup software offerings such as those from Symantec, CommVault, BakBone, LaserVault and others, makes all the benefits of inline deduplicated disk-based backup an economic reality for the SMB. And with its extensive capabilities and features, the GB-1000 is also ideal for primary storage use in remote office applications, as well as departmental and multi-office backup and tape consolidation environments.


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