Now You Can Perform Full system Saves with SAVSYSLV and LaserVault Backup

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LaserVault Backup with SAVSYSLV is the first TCP/IP based backup system for the IBM i to offer bare metal restore capability.

Get Full System Save Capability

Normally you do system saves to tape, even when you use LaserVault Backup for all your other libraries. This is because the IBM i requires a physical device to boot from.

SAVSYSLV is an optional module for LaserVault Backup that provides full system save capability for your IBM i without tape. With the SAVSYSLV option, you save two files that contain your operating system and licensed programs.

If you ever need to do a cold boot, you can quickly create DVDs on your backup and use them to restore the IBM i operating system and licensed programs.

Strengthen Your Disaster Recovery Protection

Add SAVSYSLV to LaserVault Backup to strengthen your disaster recovery protection and make your backup process easier by eliminating tape. The new feature will enable you to reestablish your IT operations as quickly as possible in case of a disaster, without having to suffer the delays caused by relying on manual tapes.


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