Ransome CAT Values LaserVault Backup’s Ability for Fast and Easy Backup and Restores for AS/400 Data


Ransome CAT
Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Caterpillar Equipment

  • Cumbersome backups to tape
  • Required to complete full restore when data only needed from one file
  • Long backup windows

LaserVault Backup

  • Easy to restore object to object
  • Fast access and ability to restore individual file
  • Used for daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Overall simpler backup process
  • Very good support when needed


Ransome CAT, the premiere Caterpillar equipment dealer in the Northeast, faced extended backup times from their AS/400. Full restores had to be completed when they only needed data from a single file. This process was eating up IT staff and system time. With processing daily, weekly, and monthly backups, the backup and restore process using tape was time-consuming and required extensive manual handling and oversight.


By changing their backup solution from tape to LaserVault Backup (LVB), they were able to reduce their backup windows and simplify their backup process. According to Roman Egoul, Sr. Programmer Analyst with Ransome CAT:

“LaserVault Backup is a very good solution. It gives us an easy way to restore object by object, instead of having to restore full backups in order to get data for one file only.”


With LVB, Ransome CAT has simplified their backup process for their daily, weekly, and monthly backups. They now have fast access to restore individual files without completing a full restore.

Works like a charm” is what Roman says regarding how LVB is working for backups from the AS/400 that they use with Avamar. That says it all.


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