Automated Process Key to Successful Backup Operations for Martin Bros. Distributing; Uses LaserVault Backup


Martin Bros. Distributing Co. Inc.
Cedar Falls, Iowa


  • Time-consuming manual processes required by using LTO tape
  • Having to change physical tapes for daily backups slows down operations

LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD)

  • Elimination of tape handling and mishandling
  • Automated backup process saves time
  • Use with MIMIX for iSeries data protection
  • IT staff time freed up for other duties


For Martin Bros. Distributing, using LTO tape for their iSeries backups required too much time and too much oversight.

They wanted a backup process that could be automated and alleviate the problems that came with using physical tape to backup their 40GB daily and 400GB weekly.


Martin Bros. chose LaserVault Backup (LVB) from Electronic Storage Corporation to solve the problems they were facing with their backup process, and to enable them to eliminate using tape for their daily and weekly backups.

LVB is a TCP/IP connected disk-to-disk solution for iSeries, AS/400, and System i. All that is required is an iSeries, a windows-based backup server and the LVB software.

LVB consists of a software library installed on the iSeries that implements SAVLIBLV, SAVOBJLV, SAV, SAVDLOLV, and SAVCFGLV. LVB does not use Save Files on the iSeries. It stores each backup as a file on a local or network attached disk array that can be copied for offsite backup or restored to the iSeries quickly.


Although the time it takes their backups to run is about the same as when they used tape, using LaserVault Backup makes managing their daily and weekly backups much easier for Martin Bros. Tammy Scott, Sr. Programmer/Analyst, states:

“Being able to automate our backup process has been the biggest help. We now use LaserVault with MIMIX for our iSeries data protection.”

By using LaserVault Backup instead of tape for their backup process, they no longer worry about manual errors or missed backups. In addition, their IT Staff now has more time available for other tasks.


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