LaserVault Reports (LV Reports) is a secure server application for archiving and indexing all of your computer generated reports, including PDF output, giving you instant access to your reports. It includes a browser-based interface for retrieving, printing, faxing and emailing entire reports or selected pages of your reports.

High Functionality and Tight Integration

LV Reports seamlessly integrates with numerous software applications hosted on IBM Mainframe, iSeries, AS/400, Unix or any other host system. Functionality includes:

  • screen scraping
  • CL procedures for downloading
  • indexing and archiving from the iSeries

With LV Reports you can access your computer-generated reports instantly from your PC, a ‘green screen’ terminal or via the web. You can also make notations and attach any PC file to report pages.

Advantages of a Windows and Web-Based Report Archiving System

The Windows-based LV Reports archiving system has many advantages:

  • host independence
  • lower cost and higher capacity storage
  • the ability to store reports from multiple platforms in a single archive
  • flexibility to put your report archive on any sort of media, including CD, DVD, etc.
  • easily manage retention and purging of report documents

Find Needed Information Quickly with Indexing Features

With LV Reports, you get full text indexing as well as two different types of keyed indexing for light speed access to your report contents and specific information.

Print on Demand Forms

LV Reports includes an overlay generator that enables you to print your forms on demand.

Multi-level Security Protects Your Reports

Access to reports can easily be restricted with LV Report’s multi-level security features making sure that only authorized individuals can view your reports.

Control access can be given at the group, individual or IP address level. LV Reports supports Active Directory authentication. With LV Reports, you control:

  • which archives are available
  • which reports within an archive are viewable
  • whether or not a user or group of users can print or email a report

With LV Reports, the Audit Log records every event that takes place in the LV Reports system, giving you full visibility to all activities.

Batch Print Feature by Key Values

With LV Report’s batch print feature you can use key values to select specific pages to reprint, such as reprinting report pages for all statements or invoices for a particular customer within a specific date range.

To see the powerful indexing and archival properties of LV Reports and how it can help you better manage and use your reports, ask to see our on-line demo.

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