Monitoring user access and activity are easy with LVReports. Using the LVReports Audit Log, you can monitor systems usage from the administration screen seen here.


LVReports Audit Log (click image to enlarge)

The Audit Log records every event that takes place in the LVReports system, including logins, logouts, look-ups, key selects, and printings. Date, time, report, and user are recorded as well. Date and Time are accurate up to a 100th of a second.

Performing queries is easy. You can choose to search each of the recorded items, as well as the date range. You can combine search criteria and sort by any field.

The Audit Log can be toggled on and off. You can also choose to purge the records based on date or elapsed time.

For backup and analysis, you can export the Audit Log data to Excel with just the click of a button.


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