No Need to Create Custom Programs

With our NeXtract Data Mining Tool, there is no need to generate custom programs to extract data for analysis purposes.  NeXtract gives you the ability to rejuvenate data that is stored on a report by reconditioning it back into digital data.

You can generate your own data extraction templates quickly and easily using NeXtract’s WYSIWYG template editor. Simply print the report to a disk file instead of paper.  NeXtract reads that report and applies a data extraction template to convert the print characters into data fields.

Saves Time

Eliminate the need to manually copy data from a report into another program.  With the press of a button, you can extract the information stored in any of your LVReports for analysis purposes.

Automated Data Extractions

NeXtract data extractions can be automated, so a single click of the mouse does the report-to-spreadsheet transformation instantly.  After the report extraction is complete, the data can be manipulated as desired.

Extraction Templates

Create Extraction Templates to tell NeXtract exactly what information to extract from a report.  Selecting information to extract is as simple as highlighting a field and clicking a button.  Templates can be saved and reused.

Data Preview

You can use the Data Preview screen to view the data you have extracted from a report.  You can sort, filter and format the data using the Data Preview options.  Sorting and formatting options are stored with the template.

Print Preview

Use the Print Preview options to format your extracted data for printing.  You can define the printer orientation, margins, font and font size.

Our NeXtract Data Mining Tool is included when you purchase LVReports.  You pay nothing extra for this feature.

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