Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about LVReports, our secure server application for archiving and indexing all of your computer-generated reports, including PDF output, giving you instant access to your reports.

What system does LVReports run on?

LVReports is a Windows-based solution that can run on any Windows server, giving you the ability to archive and index all of your computer-generated reports from your host system, including: Linux, IBM i, and Unix. Users access the system with their web browser.

Will LVReports work with my IBM i?

LVReports is tightly integrated with the iSeries, AS/400 and System i.  LVReports functionality includes:

  • screenscraping
  • CL procedures for downloading, indexing and archiving from the iSeries
  • workstation access to the archive
What are the advantages to a Windows-based archiving system rather than an IBM i archiving system?

There are several advantages to a Windows-based archiving system:

  • host independence
  • lower cost and higher capacity storage
  • the ability to store reports from multiple platforms in a single archive
  • flexibility to put your report archive on any sort of media, including CD, DVD, etc
How is LVReports priced?

LVReports is very affordable, and your ROI begins the minute you start using it. You make a single investment for a server license, and browser-based access is free. Request a quote.

Can I look up reports from my green screen? 

Yes, LVReports has a green screen interface. You can reach the LaserVault archive from a dumb terminal even though the archive itself is stored on a PC.

How do I get reports from my host system to LaserVault?

You can get reports from your host system to LaserVault using LPR or FTP. If you are using an iSeries system, you can control the entire download, archiving, and updating process through CL programs.

Does LVReports support PDFs?

Yes. With LVReports, you have instant key lookup, batch printing, and page-on-demand viewing of PDFs.

Is LVReports secure?

Yes. You can control access to your online archive at the group, individual, or IP address level. You can control:

  • which archives are available
  • which reports within an archive are viewable
  • whether or not a user or group of users can print or email a report
  • LVReports supports Active Directory authentication
What software, if any, will I need to load on the IBM i?

There is a five-megabyte library of commands that can be used to send reports to LVReports and to automate the LVReports indexing process. You can expand this library with custom-developed commands. Using FTP, you can automate functions even from a mainframe since there is an FTP server built into the LVReports system itself.

Do we need to open or allow access to any ports on our IBM i? 

We use only outgoing ports, so there is no need to open up the server on your IBM i or AS/400. Using the FTP client rather than the FTP server helps ensure the security of your host system.

Can LVReports work with the forms and faxing that we already have in place?

You bet.  LVReports has a neat capability to print back to the 400, so you can continue to use any 400-based fax-out software or forms software. Just print back to the AS/400 and use the device software of your choice. You can also print to any local or network printer.

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