LVReports offers two types of key indexing, plus full text indexing, making it easy to find information quickly.

Cross Key Indexing

Search on the same type of report, such as statements or invoices, across multiple dates in the same archive.  You can define up to nine positional keys per report.

Global Key Indexing

Search for a key across reports, dates and archives all at once.  This gives you the ability to rapidly retrieve information that may be on several different reports.  Global Key Search works with regular reports as well as PDFs.

Full Text Indexing

Look for any value in any report across all dates and archives.  Full Text Indexing helps you find any piece of information that is on any of your reports.  Search across all reports or select a certain report type to search within.

LVReports indexing capabilities give you the ability to easily customize searches for your specific report data.  With our on-line demo, you can see just how easy it is.

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