Instead of buying cases of pre-printed blank forms, use Print On-Demand from your LVReports system using Overlays.

Plus, with LVReports Overlay feature, you can save your formatted reports to PDF and email them.  With the Overlay feature, you can double your savings: no longer purchase pre-printed forms and only print your reports when needed.

Use Overlays to:

  • Make your special format reports look just like the originals when you print or email them to customers.
  • Add forms elements to your reports with our built-in visual overlay generator.
  • Add logos and other complex visuals with the simple cut-and-paste layout. The snap-to grid ensures that all drawn lines will come out perfect. Grid spacing is defined in inches, centimeters, or pixels.
  • Create great results with any printer. Fine-tune your overlay settings for the best possible output as well as print to PDF for direct email.

Using Overlays in place of pre-printed forms can save your organization an average of two cents for every printed page.


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