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Get instant visibility to your reports and take charge of your data.  With LV Reports you can electronically distribute customer bills and eliminate unnecessary printing, saving your company time and money.

  • Provide customers with online access to their bills
  • Save money by discontinuing the use of multi-part forms
  • Keep an online database of daily reports, sales reports, inventory reports and month end accounting reports
  • Automatically index and compress documents
  • Distribute original copies of bills in mass to customers via email, fax or regular mail
  • Create backup copies of your database for disaster recovery purposes
  • Retrieve invoices instantly
  • Keep digital copies of proof-of-delivery documents, shipping documents, purchase orders, etc. and retrieve them with the press of a button
  • Perform data extraction on a report over a range of dates

Distributors using LV Reports find they have better control of their internal data and can provide improved service to their customers.  See how LV Reports works with a live on-line demo.


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