All Flash LaserVault UBD Slashes Backup and Recovery Times

The virtual tape appliance offers fast, easy, alternative to LTO tape for IBM i, AIX, Windows and Linux. LTO tape backup and recovery times get slashed with LaserVault’s all flash Universal Backup Device (UBD). For most tape users, the savings will be a considerable bonus to their operations with upgraded performance and an easier, faster process, accelerated by the all-flash appliance. Continue Reading »

Tape or Tapeless Data Storage? Now IBM i Shops Can Have Both

IBM i shops are getting the best of both worlds for their backups: Tape and Tapeless. For many, this is a long-awaited hybrid solution that provides easy access and automation that meets their needs for today’s hectic IT environment combined with long term storage that meets industry or governmental requirements.
UBD, the Universal Backup Device, is a D2D tape emulation solution that enables iSeries users the ability to automate their backup process, and eliminate or reduce the use of physical tape for their data protection. Restoring data with UBD becomes a simple task completed in a fraction of the time restoring from tape requires. Continue Reading »

Escape From The Tape Trap

IT JungleIBM i storage strategy remains heavily dependent on tape. Even beyond the IBM midrange, around 75 percent of all data is stored on tape. Old habits die hard, even when alternatives become easier and less expensive to manage. A good example is the Universal Backup Device designed by LaserVault. In its original form, it’s an IBM i backup appliance that appears as a tape device. Now it works in VM environments as well. Continue Reading »

LaserVault UBD/VM Integration Further Streamlines the IBM i Backup and Restore Process

Modern day data centers looking to accelerate their IBM i backup and recovery operations and improve operational efficiencies can now use the Universal Backup Device (UBD) from LaserVault in a virtual environment to eliminate the associated managerial, transport, and storage costs that come with using physical tape.
UBD is compatible with VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and other popular hypervisors. A dedicated server for UBD is no longer required. With the VM integration option, businesses save by not having to invest in new hardware, the only purchase being the UBD software which comes with the necessary Fibre Channel card. Continue Reading »

Technology Focus: Handling Backup and Recovery Chores In-House

mc_header_logo4 180x30System Administration – High Availability / Disaster Recovery
Written by John Ghrist
…To Brad Jensen, CEO at Electronic Storage Corporation (ESC), the keys to a backup strategy are “capacity and speed. Cloud storage is horribly slow and should only be used as a last-resort backup.” – Brad Jensen, CEO of Electronic Storage Corporation, is quoted in this article on Backup and Recovery Chores In-House.
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LaserVault Partners with Sanwa Comtec to Offer UBD Tapeless Backup

mc_header_logo4 180x30Electronic Storage Corporation expands global offering of UBD for IBM i and Linux systems by partnering with Sanwa Comtec to offer the tapeless backup solution in Japan and India.
Electronic Storage Corporation expands its global presence by partnering with Sanwa Comtec, a Premier IBM Business Partner, to offer the LaserVault UBD tapeless backup solution for IBM i and Linux, in Japan and India. A well-known backup solutions provider in the midrange market in Japan, Sanwa currently sells the LaserVault Backup TCP/IP solution. Adding UBD to their product offering enables them to meet the needs of customers looking for a high-speed tapeless backup solution for their IBM i and Linux hosts. Continue Reading »

Alaska Telecom Ditches Tape for LaserVault UBD

itj-logoCopper Valley Telecom, a small telephone company that serves the city of Valdez, Alaska, has left behind the hassles of tape and embraced the simplicity of disk-to-disk backups. Since adopting the LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD) to backup its production IBM i server, the company is enjoying significantly faster and more automated backups. And thanks to LaserVault UBD’s Web interface, IT staffers no longer fumble around with tapes when the company needs to build a test environment.
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LaserVault Debuts New Backup Option for IBM i

itj-logoIf you’re in the market for a backup and recovery solution for IBM i, you might want to keep Electronic Storage Corp. and its LaserVault line of solutions on your list. The Oklahoma company already offered several backup solutions through its Universal Backup Device (UBD) appliance and its LaserVault Backup software offering. This month the company fleshed out its UBD lineup with UBD Synch. Continue Reading »

Tectrade offers LaserVault Backup as iSeries Tapeless Backup Solution

Tectrade, a technology solutionsmc_header_logo4 180x30provider and IBM Premier Business Partner with offices in the Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States, has added LaserVault’s Universal Backup Device (UBD) to their recommended solutions for iSeries users in BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). LaserVault Backup is a tapeless backup solution that seamlessly integrates with the iSeries and AS/400 to provide fast and secure backups with or without the need for tape media, creating the ultimate backup solution for many businesses. Continue Reading »

LaserVault UBD added to IBM Global Solutions Directory

UBD’s Fibre Channel disk to disk backup for all iSeries AS/400 systems provides fast, reliable and secure backups without physical tapes. UBD emulates a 3580 tape drive and uses existing backup software and procedures so training is minimal. UBD reduces the time and cost of doing tape backups and eliminates most sources of manual error. Continue Reading »

LaserVault Aims for Simplicity with New IBM i Backup Appliance

I TJungleLaserVault last week unveiled an all-in-one backup appliance that gives IBMi shops the versatility of a virtual tape library (VTL), but without the complexity and overhead. The new Universal Backup Device, or UBD, appears to the IBMi server as a Fibre Channel-connected tape drive, but in reality, it’s a Windows-based appliance that holds up to 6 TB of IBMi data on RAID-protected disk. Continue Reading »

Tectrade to Sell LaserVault UBD in Europe

TectrIT Jungleade, a Dutch provider of IBM i solutions in several countries, this month announced that it has picked up and will start selling Electronic Storage Corp.’s LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD) to clients in Europe. 
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LaserVault Announces UBD Universal Backup Device

IBM Systems MagazineFor businesses that use an IBM® iSeries® system and are struggling with managing the process and all that’s entailed for backing up and storing data through tape media, LaserVault’s UBD Universal Backup Device now offers a seamless solution with an ease of use and implementation rarely seen in today’s world of technological advancements.

LaserVault has increased Fibre Channel write throughput in our Universal Backup Device (UBD) to an amazing 409MB/second. Continue Reading »


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