36th District Court, Detroit, Michigan

“Being able to have virtual backups instead of using tape was an integral part of our DR plan. We can now easily and automatically take frequent snapshots of our data. We use UBD with both our production and development AS/400s.

“Other courts or government entities might benefit by taking the same approach. With UBD they can speed up their backup time, get rid of the need to always have someone there, no longer have to rotate tapes offsite and then bring them back. With UBD they can eliminate the costs and need to handle physical tapes. During the installation, the LaserVault engineer went the extra mile. He did a great job getting us up and running. He was always available when we needed assistance.”
– John Saladiak, Systems Engineer with 36th District Court, Detroit   View Success Story

Mizuno USA Inc

“Although we backup from a replicated partition and time is not really an issue, our backup windows are now about 50% faster than using LaserVault Backup and tape. The real savings has been in restores which are now 50-70% faster. It does what physical tape did just a lot easier. It’s made managing our backups easy. I can name backups on the fly, and the ability to easily purge or archive backups is a great feature. UBD was very easy to implement and it’s a great product. We rely on it every day. Support has been very good and it’s been a great fit for Mizuno.”
– Butch Nelms, AS/400 Operations Manager   View Success Story

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

“With the backup of the OS on LaserVault, we have no need to use our old tape drive. The EVault solution did not support the backup of the OS. We’ve reduced the risk of a data breach by not transporting unencrypted tapes. We are very pleased with the UBD backup device, it has been working out as advertised.”
John Jones, IT Administrator at Cascadia   View Success Story

City of Dothan

“UBD allowed us to make very minimal hardware and procedural changes to our backup process. We purchased and set up two UBD devices (one attached to our primary system and one attached to our backup system) which allows us to connect to our primary UBD device and point it to our backup UBD device to restore a file, library, etc. directly to our primary system quickly and efficiently. Our primary System i is replicated daily to our high availability back up System i which is then backed up using the UBD device to a SAN. UBD allowed us to backup to the SAN eliminating the need for physical tapes, allowing us to move our backup system to a safe off-site location.”
– Jeff Young, IT Specialist, City of Dothan   View Success Story

Associated Air Center

“After looking at upgrading our tape drive with newer tape cartridges versus the LaserVault UBD solution, we chose the UBD solution. Both hardware and software installation were easily completed and were on-line in less than a day. Changing two statements from TAP01 to TAP05 in our nightly backup CL procedure completed the installation. We have been using the UBD system for a little over 8 months without a single failure or problem and our backup time has been reduced by 30%. On the rare occasion I have needed to restore a file, it has been simpler and faster than the old 3581 autoloader tape drive system.”
Paul Fredd, Senior Business System Lead, Associated Air Center   View Success Story   

United Plastics Group Inc.

“The LaserVault UBD was easy to configure and took little time to install and interface with our iSeries. I simply arranged for our business partner to install a Fiber Channel Interface (FCI) card in our iSeries then connected the UBD to the FCI. Initially, we used a USB external drive as temporary backup storage; then moved the iSeries and the UBD appliance to our facility in Scottsdale, AZ where we switched to using our SAN/NAS as the permanent backup storage without any reconfiguration on the UBD appliance. I even created a CL program that automated our Daily (Differential) and Weekly (full user library) backups without human intervention. Using the UBD Web Management Interface, we now have a completely remote iSeries system and administration backup where all I need do is check the storage capacity and delete old backup files if necessary. The LaserVault UBD solution cut our backup time 40% from using our 3590 tape drive and provides us remote management in one software package. With UPG having plants accessing applications on the iSeries 24/7 from different countries, we really needed this solution to help shorten our backup downtime and save our company a lot of money and resources.” – Marito “MAR” Omay  Catipay,  Manager of iSeries® Administration, Programming,  and ERP/MRP support at United Plastics Group, Inc.   View Success Story

Westmoreland County

“The LaserVault UBD auto-configured an IBM tape drive on our system and used IBM commands, which made their appliance ready for production with minimal CL modifications. I have been very pleased with the LaserVault UBD solution; it has cut our IFS (image files), nightly and weekend backup’s timeframe by 30%. We are also experiencing a 6 to 1 compression of the data on the UBD appliance. The appliance worked exactly the way it was explained to us and it emulates an IBM tape drive, which uses the normal save/restore commands. The restore process is fast, whether restoring a full library or just one object. In the near future we will be backing up the LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD) appliance to our Exagrid disk backup with data deduplication system.” – Michael Linardi, Manager of Systems Administration of Westmoreland County Information Systems   View Success Story

City Government, Texas

“They were the only vendor that could explain and demonstrate the tasks that the product could execute. The other vendors were not able to demonstrate their products without a lot of problems. When we backed up to tape it took 4 hours every day, whereas backing up to LaserVault now takes 1 hour. I recommend LaserVault. It saves us a lot of time and it solved our goal of backing up to disk. This also saved us money because we were having to replace expensive 3570 tapes continuously.”
Jackie Jackson, HTE Systems Supervisor, City Government, Texas   View Success Story

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