ExaGrid® Cost Effective Disk Backup Solution with Data Deduplication
IBM i (AS/400, iSeries and System i) users can quickly and efficiently backup their data on the most cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup system available on the market, using the LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD) as a gateway. When you backup to an ExaGrid appliance with LaserVault UBD, you gain improved backup performance, fast and reliable data restores and rapid recovery from system or site disasters. ExaGrid’s innovative approach minimizes the amount of data to be stored by providing standard data compression for the most recent back ups, along with byte level data deduplication for all previous backups. ExaGrid’s post-process duplication technology stores changes from backup to backup instead of storing full file copies. This unique approach reduces the disk space required for backup by at least 10:1 and up to 50:1, delivering unparalleled performance for the fastest backups and restores, all in a solution that costs the same as a new tape library. ExaGrid’s unique technology delivers best-in-class scalability and unparalleled cost savings. To learn about ExaGrid and UBD’s powerful combined backup solution, read the ExaGrid UBD Solution Brief.
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