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Companies With IBM i Hosts And Using Quantum Get A Fast, Cost-Effective Gateway Solution With UBD

For companies with IBM i host systems who use Quantum for deduplication, LaserVault’s UBD offers a fast and efficient gateway between the two systems.

When you backup to a Quantum appliance via UBD, you gain improved backup performance, fast and reliable restores and rapid recovery from system or site disasters. You get the most cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup system available by using UBD as a gateway to your Quantum system.

DXi disk-based deduplication from Quantum improves protection and reduces costs. Quantum technology increases disk performance while reducing capacity needs by 90 percent or more. As data volumes grow and budgets shrink, backup is often caught in the middle.

If you’re concerned with delayed backups, reliability of restores, remote protection or virtual server backup, data deduplication technology from Quantum provides an affordable, easy-to-implement solution that saves time and money.

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