UBD Provides Quick Data Snapshots For 36th District Court’s New Tapeless Disaster Recovery Plan


36th District Court
Detroit, Michigan

City Government

  • Increased costs of handling physical tape
  • Potential loss of a day’s worth of work when data is stored on tape
  • Always necessary to have someone onsite to manage backups
  • Tape does not meet requirements for new Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

LaserVault UBD Universal Backup Device

  • Virtual backups integral part of new DRP
  • Automated data snapshots better protect data than using tape
  • Easy transition from using tape
  • Seamless transparency


John Saladiak, Systems Engineer with 36th District Court in Detroit knew there were risks involved in using tape backups. Then John discovered UBD, a virtual backup D2D solution that simplifies the backup and restore process by instantly replacing the need for physical tape, saving hundreds of hours, and providing better protection for his iSeries data.

“Using tape left our data more at risk than we were comfortable with. Because we were backing up our 1/2TB of data to tape only at night, we could have potentially lost an entire day’s worth of work. We also had to always have someone physically onsite when using tape,” states Saladiak.


“We looked at things from a DR point of view,” says Saladiak. “We wanted to replace tape as one of the first steps in the process of improving our disaster recovery protection. We considered our options: create our own offsite DR setup, go through a service, or choose a cloud-based option. The Universal Backup Device from LaserVault (UBD) offered the best of all worlds.”


“Being able to have virtual backups instead of using tape was an integral part of our DR plan. We can now easily and automatically take frequent snapshots of our data. We use UBD with both our production and development AS/400s. We just upgraded from a Power5 to a Power 8 and the transparency of using UBD is seamless. The transition from the operational and CL side was very easy.
“Other courts or government entities might benefit by taking the same approach. With UBD they can speed up their backup time, get rid of the need to always have someone there, no longer have to rotate tapes offsite and then bring them back. With UBD they can eliminate the costs and need to handle physical tapes.
“During the installation, the LaserVault engineer went the extra mile. He did a great job getting us up and running. He was always available when we needed assistance.”



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