Healthcare Company Switches To UBD Tapeless Backup For IBM i Power 550, Replaces LTO4 Tape Drive


Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare Portland, OR


  • Using tape backups with LTO4 tape drive
  • Higher data risk due to transporting unencrypted tape backups
  • Space consumed on IBM i for Virtual Tape backups

LaserVault UBD Universal Backup Device

  • Easy implementation
  • No software changes for existing backup scripts
  • Freed up existing Virtual Tape backups on IBM i server
  • Eliminated need to use old tape drive because of ability to backup OS on UBD
  • Works with Vision Solutions High Availability System
  • Reduced risk of data breach by no longer transporting tapes
  • Shortened backup windows by 25%
  • Reduced risk of data breach by no longer transporting tapes


At Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, it was time for a change to their backups for their IBM i Power 550.

Their challenges:

  • Backing up production data and in-house software each night
  • Rotating seven days’ worth of saves
  • Performing backup of all user libraries monthly and Save System on a quarterly basis
  • Rotating 1 year worth of saves

Cascadia needed their backup system to be easier than using physical tape with an LTO4 tape drive.

Their main objective was to be able to backup data in case both their production server and High Availability replication system (iTera by Vision Solutions) had database issues, such as application or programming issues that required data to be restored. The new system had to eliminate the need for using tape.


John Jones, IT Administrator at Cascadia, says they selected LaserVault UBD over Evault’s Plug-n-Protect because it enabled them to move away from using physical tape.

“With the backup of the OS on LaserVault, we have no need to use our old tape drive. The EVault solution did not support the backup of the OS.”

According to John, other deciding factors in favor of UBD included:

“The easy implementation, no software changes for existing backup scripts, and it freed up existing Virtual Tape backups on our IBM i server. We’ve reduced the risk of a data breach by not transporting unencrypted tapes.”


Along with simplifying their backup process considerably and having better protection for their data, they have reduced their backup windows by 25% saving them time for other things. This is the outcome everyone wants in a new backup solution.

“We are very pleased with the UBD backup device, says John. It has been working out as advertised.”



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