City Of Manhattan, Kansas, Ditches Tape In Favor Of UBD Virtual Backup From LaserVault


City of Manhattan, Kansas

City Government

  • Time lost while waiting for tape backups to complete
  • Restoring from tape takes too long
  • The unreliability of tape leaves data at risk
  • Manual process of shipping tapes offsite and waiting for them to be returned when restore is needed

LaserVault UBD Universal Backup Device

UBD Benefits
  • Ease of use
  • Great price
  • Shortened backup windows by 30%
  • Restores are fast and immediately accessible


The IT Department at the City of Manhattan, Kansas, was continually slowed down by the manual requirements of using physical tape for their backups. According to Kirk Meyer, Information Technology Manager,

“We wanted to eliminate the need to physically have to put a tape in a tape drive and wait for it. Plus we were shipping tapes offsite, then waiting to get a tape back when we needed to do a restore. And storing tapes took up too much room. Also, we did not like relying on tape for our data protection.”


“We had always depended on tape, being able to see it and touch it, so we were initially concerned about stepping away from it. But it was time to cut the apron strings and move in to the 21st century.”

After looking at a couple of solutions, Kirk chose the LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD).

“The price was right and it’s a great product,” states Meyer. UBD saves a lot of time for us. Previously our daily backups took 30-45 minutes to start, now they start in 10. And the best part about using UBD is the ease of doing a restore.”


Using UBD has successfully eliminated the time consuming aspects of using tape for the City.

“If an employee needs to leave early, we don’t worry now that our backups are completed automatically. I no longer have to keep someone late to wait for our tape backup to complete.

“Our backup times are at a minimum now. We required an onsite install and it went great. The technician was patient, answered all of our questions, and stayed till everything was working properly.

“Other local governments who are using tape would benefit from switching to UBD because it’s so easy to use. It’s a great product with great technical support.”



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