Downstream Casino Automates iSeries Backup Process With LaserVault UBD; Uses With MIMIX For Complete Data Protection


Downstream Casino
Quapaw, Oklahoma


  • Manually loading and unloading LTO tapes
  • Long backup windows

LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD)

  • Automated backups simplifies the process
  • Reduced backup windows by 50% or more
  • IT Staff freed up for other responsibilities
  • No worry whether backups are complete
  • Easy to use UI web interface
  • Works with MIMIX; provides complete data protection
  • Great product backed by great customer service


Using LTO tape for their iSeries backups presented the IT department at Downstream Casino with numerous challenges. Slow backups and manual processes dragged down the IT staff.

Knowing that their entire company relied on them to keep their data safe and available, they looked for a better backup solution.


Their goal was to be able to automate the backup process as well as shorten their backup windows. To accomplish this, they selected LaserVault UBD, the disk-to-disk universal backup device for IBM i.

UBD appears as a tape device to the iSeries, but it is in fact, disk. Because of this, Downstream was able to switch from using physical tape to using UBD as a tapeless solution that was easier and faster to use than tape.

According to Jeff Smith, Downstream Systems Analyst, they backup about 174 GB daily, and they use Mimix for replication.


With over a 50% reduction in their backup windows, Downstream saves 100’s of hours on their backups. Jeff says that “the UBD website for loading and unloading tapes” is the UBD feature that helps them the most.

After seeing first-hand how much UBD improved their backup operations, they purchased another UBD for a second location.

“I have recommended UBD to other iSeries users because of the ease of use and improved speed we have seen in our backups. It’s a great product backed by great customer service.”



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