LaserVault UBD Eliminates Tape Issues at Associated Air Center


Associated Air Center
Dallas, Texas

Industrial & Design
Large Transport Aircraft
Modification and Maintenance

  • Repeated issues with 3581 tape drive autoloader
  • Tape media failures
  • Tape handling
  • Securing reliable data backups

LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD)

  • Elimination of backup failures
  • Removal of tape handling
  • Backup time reduced 30%
  • Simple restores
  • Easy installation
  • Zero problems


Paul Fredd, Senior Business System Lead at Associated Air Center, had ongoing problems with his iSeries backups including tape failures and loader malfunctions which were causing critical concerns regarding the reliability of their backups and security of their critical data.


Associated Air was considering either upgrading their existing tape cartridges or implementing LaserVault’s Universal Backup Device (UBD).  Paul says choosing the UBD option was the easiest decision he ever made:

“After looking at upgrading our tape drive with newer tape cartridges versus the LaserVault UBD solution, we chose the UBD solution. Both hardware and software installation were easily completed and were on-line in less than a day. Changing two statements from TAP01 to TAP05 in our nightly backup CL procedure completed the installation.”


With the successful implementation of the UBD solution, Associated Air’s backup times have been reduced by 30%, and more importantly, they now have confidence in the security and reliability of their data backups. Paul summarizes it with:

“We have been using the UBD system for a little over 8 months without a single failure or problem and our backup time has been reduced by 30%. On the rare occasion I have needed to restore a file, it has been simpler and faster than the old 3581 autoloader tape drive system.”


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