UBD Simplifies Backup Process for Copper Valley Telecom


Copper Valley Telecom
Valdez, Alaska

Business & residential telecom services provider

  • Complex and confusing tape library backup
  • Long tape backup windows
  • On-site personnel required to handle backup process
  • Loss of productivity due to inefficiencies of tape

LaserVault Universal Backup Device(UBD)

  • Elimination of manual process required for tape backups
  • Backup windows significantly reduced
  • Automated backup process with easy remote access
  • Off-site backups to the cloud
  • Peace of mind that backups are complete and secure


Copper Valley Telecom was looking for a simpler yet secure solution to replace their confusing and complex tape library backup procedure. The long backup times and lack of flexibility they experienced with their tape library backups slowed productivity and required on-site staff to manage. They needed a way to make the process more efficient. Copper Valley also wanted more confidence in their backups.


Copper Valley chose LaserVault’s Universal Backup Device (UBD) to replace their tape library. Eve Leonard, IT Manager, states:

“LaserVault’s UBD is really a time saver and is indeed simple to use. I am very pleased with the simplicity of the user interface and the solution’s ability to automate the tape creation, initialization and scheduling through Job Scheduler. It’s as if the weight of our backup worries has been lifted off our minds.”


With the successful implementation of the UBD solution, Copper Valley’s backup time has improved significantly. In addition, they have successfully simplified their backup process resulting in improved efficiency, improved productivity and increased confidence in their backups.

Eve is very pleased with the results and says:

“We very rarely use a tape any more and combined with our offsite backups to the cloud, this backup device gives me peace of mind, faster backup time and allows me the flexibility to work with multiple volumes from my remote office. I no longer have to rely on a person to be physically onsite to load different tapes for me when I need them. With the results we’ve seen, I am happy we selected UBD.”


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