Manufacturer Executes Successful Recovery From Ransomware Attack With UBD Tapeless Backup


Johnson Centrifugal
Saukville, WI


  • Tape backups taking too long with LT02 tape drive
  • Time needed to perform tape backups increasing
  • Too long to get tape backups from offsite location

LaserVault UBD Universal Backup Device

  • Backups are over 2X faster than with tape
  • Disaster recovery protection enabled easy restore after Ransomware attack
  • Seamless use with manual tape allows company to meet Accounting Dept requirements


Backing up 1TB of data every other night to physical tape kept the IT Department at Johnson Centrifugal busy. In addition to the time it took to manage a 20-tape rotation, they found their backups were taking too long, and the time it took to complete them was increasing. A new solution was needed.


Selecting UBD, the Universal Backup Device from LaserVault was easy, says VP-Administration, Tom Pheister.

“UBD was the only solution available that would do what we needed.”

Because their Accounting Department requires they keep their archived data on tape, the new solution for their daily backups needed to interface seamlessly with tape. UBD includes a “tapeout” feature where they can copy back to tape anytime they need to.

“Although I’d prefer to only use disk, the UBD and tape system works well,” states Tom.


“Recently we were hit by a Ransomware attack,” explains Pheister. Although it fried our PC, we were able to load and restore easily from UBD. It was 1 o’clock in the morning and we were able to restore everyone’s files from our last backup and be up and running in under 2 hours. If we had been using tape it would have taken much longer and might not have been as successful.

It’s insane how fast our backups are now with UBD, says Pheister, when comparing UBD with tape. UBD is so much easier than tape. Our backup window is much smaller and it really is much faster than using tape.

“With tape our backup was 4 ½ hours. Now it is under 2 and this is mostly due to our backing up IFS files, all the other stuff backups up in under 15 minutes.”



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