Kingspan Eliminates Tape; Switches to LaserVault UBD with ExaGrid for AS/400 Backup and Recovery


Jessup, MD

Manufacturer, Fabricator

  • Manual tape backups hard to manage
  • Slow restores from tape
  • Remote location makes tape backups difficult to do

LaserVault UBD Universal Backup Device

  • UI web interface is a huge advantage for managing backups remotely
  • Works well with ExaGrid
  • Restores are fast
  • Affordable solution
  • Increased data center retention


Trying to manage their incremental and full backups for their AS/400 from 10 states away caused numerous challenges for Kingspan’s IT Manager, Conor O’Carroll. Using a physically attached tape drive required someone on-site several times a month. The slow speed of restoring from tape and the limited capacity of tape added to their problems.


O’Carroll looked at several solutions before choosing LaserVault. His initial concern with UBD was that “it tricks the AS/400 into thinking it is a tape and putting it into a product environment”.

According to O’Carroll,

“theory is one thing, but actually doing what it said it would do, is another.

UBD worked as promised, O’Carroll says.

“We now use UBD for our AS/400 backups in conjunction with ExaGrid. It is working very well.”


Kingspan solved its many backup and recovery challenges when they added UBD. They are now able to manage their backups remotely, have faster restores, and have increased their data center retention.

“We are spread across the U.S. The administration functionality of the UBD UI web interface is a great help and a huge advantage. It’s like my having hands on there to manage our backups.
“If a company has an AS/400, then I absolutely recommend UBD based on its capabilities, cost, and the web interface.”


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