“5 Stars” For UBD Backup Solution From IBM i / NCR User LJ Zucca


LJ Zucca Inc

Wholesale / Distribution

IBM i Challenges
  • Could not depend on Legacy tape backup/restore procedures
  • Restore time too long
  • Cannot afford downtime
  • Need ability to replicate data offsite

LaserVault UBD Virtual Tape Backup and Recovery Solution

  • Reduced backup time
  • Shorter RTO & RPO
  • Backup tasks can now be delegated to non-technical staff
  • Increased confidence in restore ability
  • Easy to test restore procedures without impacting production


“Our business can’t afford to be down for any specific amount of time,” says Gregory Froio, Director of Information Systems at LJ Zucca, Inc.

“We can’t depend on legacy tape backup\restore procedures. The time to restore from tape was entirely too long. We also needed faster backups with centralized retention, a lower RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and shorter RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

“Plus, we needed the ability to replicate our IBM i data offsite.”


“Our partner at NCR highly recommended the UBD solution. We utilize UBD as a replacement for our legacy tape backup process, and are backing up 50GB twice per day. We use a Datto backup appliance that takes an additional snap shot of the backup libraries and sends them offsite to the cloud.”

UBD is a virtual tape backup and restore solution that is a one-to-one replacement for physical tape. Faster and more secure than tape, UBD supports the same CL and backup commands already in use, making the transition from tape a virtual snap.


“UBD is working very well! I would rate it as 5 stars being the best. It covers all our business requirements, with the speed, the simplicity, and real time alerts (job completion) being great benefits,” says Froio.

“Our backups now take no more than 20 minutes. And our experience working with the LaserVault team was excellent.

“There are several reasons UBD would be a good solution for those in the wholesale and distribution industry: a reduced backup time, backup tasks can easily delegated to non-technical staff, shorter RTO and RPO, and increased confidence in restore ability, and it is now easy to test restore procedures without impacting production.”



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