LaserVault UBD Replaces LTO Tape Library For IBM i Backups At Monterey Mushrooms


Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.

Wholesale & Distribution

  • Nightly backups taking too much time
  • Inefficiencies caused by using physical tape
  • Complications of managing image libraries when using tape backups

LaserVault UBD Universal Backup Device

  • Faster backup processing for IBM i
  • Greater efficiency in managing backups
  • Ease of use
  • Manage image libraries online from multiple servers


The challenges of using LTO4 tapes with a library magazine for their IBM i brought Monterey Mushrooms, a wholesale distributor, to search for a better way to manage their backups.

“Every night we backup all User Libraries and key IFS folders to the tune of 1.2tb,” says Michael Matelli, Chief Information Officer.

Taking tapes offsite each night added to the complexities of managing their backups. The company needed a way to improve the speed of their backups and improve backup efficiencies for their IT Department.


Monterey selected LaserVault UBD to help improve their overall backup operations and to replace their use of tape. UBD is a virtual tape backup and recovery system that is a one-to-one replacement for physical tape.

With UBD, companies can eliminate the demands of using tape, while speeding-up and simplifying backup operations.  UBD connects via Fibre Channel or SAS and appears as a tape device to the IBM i.


Monterey is very pleased with their decision to switch to UBD.

“UBD is working very well for us. It has sped up our backup and is much easier and more efficient to manage our image library.”

Michael adds that others in the wholesale/distribution industries could benefit from using UBD because of “the ability to manage image libraries online from multiple servers.”

For more information on UBD and using virtual tape for the backup
and recovery of  IBM Power Systems, email or
call 800-444-6283.


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