UBD Reduces Backup Window by 75% for City Government


City Government


IBM i AS/400-520 with BRMS

  • Long backup windows eat up IT Dept staff time
  • High cost of replacing failed tape drives
  • Being shown a product that successfully proved it would meet their needs before they purchased it

LaserVault Universal Backup Device (UBD)

  • Replaces tape backups
  • Saves staff time to perform daily backups
  • Shorter backup window
  • Works with BRMS
  • Saves money by not having to replace tape drives
  • Easy to understand how to use and implement


Long backup windows and expensive tape drive replacements pushed this small City Government IT Department to look at other options to replace their tape backups. The IT department’s time was being consumed by using the BRMS application to back up to 3570 tapes. They wanted a disk backup solution that would do three things: 1) save time 2) save money and 3) eliminate the need for tape.


After looking at a number of possible solutions, including ARCserve®, they chose LaserVault’s UBD (Universal Backup Device) tapeless backup. Jackie Jackson, HTE Systems Supervisor, explains:

“They were the only vendor that could explain and demonstrate the tasks that the product could execute. The other vendors were not able to demonstrate their products without a lot of problems.”

UBD gives organizations an easy way to replace their tape drives and continue to backup and restore via SAVLIB/SAVOBJ, Save 21, BRMS, Robot/SAVE or any other backup software package without programming changes. Using the current tape commands makes using UBD easy to implement and easy to use. Jackie reports:

“When we backed up to tape it took 4 hours every day, whereas backing up to LaserVault now takes 1 hour. We were trying to save money and time and that is what LaserVault has done.”


The City successfully replaced tape and solved their ongoing tape backup issues by implementing LaserVault’s UBD solution. States Jackie:

“I recommend LaserVault. It saves us a lot of time and it solved our goal of backing up to disk. This also saved us money because we were having to replace expensive 3570 tapes continuously.”


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