2.13.0 12/10/2020
  • Bug fix in ViTLWebManager: Fixed a bug where the left pane wouldn’t update to reflect when a library was added, edited, or deleted.
  • Bug fix in VITL IBM i library: The commands in the library were created using *LIBL in the PGM parameter. This would cause an error when trying to use the commands without having VITL in the library list.
  • Feature change in TSPIFCQL2600: Updated to support 15 virtual ports per physical port when using the QLogic 2690/2692/2694 series HBAs.
  • Feature change in ViTLWebManger, ViTLEmulator: Tape drives are now assigned to a WWPN rather than an ordinal port number. This resolves problems where the ordinal port number of a port can change due to adding/removing of HBAs and the order in which they are enumerated by the O/S.
  • Feature change in ViTLWebManager: Added the tape drive serial number to the selection list in the move media screen.
  • Feature addition: Added  ViTLConfigUpgrade program to upgrade the ViTLConfig.xml file from version 1 to version 2. The upgrade program will attempt to replace ordinal port numbers with WWPNs.
2.12.0 11/10/2020
  • Bug fix in TSPIFCQL2600: In certain rare circumstances a bug check (blue screen) would occur when running under VMWare.
  • Bug fix in ViTLDaemon: If ViTL was installed into a path other than the default installation path an error would be generated when performing retention or replication.
  • Feature addition in ViTLDaemon: Added an option to generate an inventory report in CSV file format.
2.11.0 10/21/2020
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added a DiskReadTest action to test disk read speed.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator: Added multi-threaded read caching to help improve restore speeds.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator and VITL IBM i Library: Added support for the LOADINV and LOADINVUBD commands to reload inventory from disk.
2.10.0 09/15/2020
  • Feature addition in ViTLReplicate: Added /SortBy and /SortDir options to allow sorting files by size or date modified, ascending or descending.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Modified persistent reservation handling to better match physical tape drive/library in certain edge cases.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator: Added logging for any SCSI command that takes longer than 10 seconds to complete.
  • Feature addition in TSPIFCQL2500 and ViTLDriverConfig: Added support for beaconing the LEDs of the QL2500 series HBAs.
  • Bug fix in ViTLWebManager: The port info screen would display an incorrect port index on the second page if there were more than 25 ports defined.
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added an option to specify the write cache size for the DiskWriteTest action.
2.9.0 08/26/2020
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator, ViTLCore, VitlDaemon, ViTLWebmanager, TapeUtil: Increased support for tape data files (TDP) from 16 to 32.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator, TapeUtil: Modified initial size of filemark table to 2K to use less memory.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator, ViTLCore: Added option for SCSI reservation mode to configure using either persistent reservations or classic reserve/release on the tape drives.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator, ViTLCore, ViTLWebManager: Added option to load inventory at startup.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator, ViTLCore, ViTLWebManager: Added option to aggregate disk space calculation when using alternate TDP paths.
  • Feature addition in TSPIFCQL2600 and ViTLDriverConfig: Added an option to beacon the physical port LEDs.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Modified manage media screen to show number of tapes in the library.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Made tape drives wait for inventory to finish loading in the parent library before enabling the port and waiting for commands.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator, ViTL IBM i library: Added CHGWPS (Change Write Protect Status) command to allow changing the write protect status of a tape from the IBM i.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator, ViTLWebManager: Added an option to initialize the tapes at the time they are created.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added an option to filter the manage media grid by volume serial number.
  • Feature change in ViTLDaemon: Updated to allow * as a volume prefix for replication and retention.
  • Bug fix in ViTLDaemon: An error would be reported when running remote retention.
2.8.0 07/07/2020
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: If an initiator sent a task management command such as “Abort Task” to an invalid LUN, the emulator would continuously log the error to the log file.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: When a tape file is re-initialized the number of TDP files will be changed to match the current data block file count setting defined in the library config.
  • Feature change in ViTLDaemon/ViTLCore: Updated the job purge routine to remove job entries that haven’t been updated in 48 hours.
  • Feature addition in ViTLDaemon, ViTLCore, ViTLWebManager: Added option to replicate blank/initialized tapes.
  • Feature change in ViTLDaemon: Updated to support alternate TDP paths.
  • Bug fix in TapeUtil: The Encrypt action wasn’t properly encrypting a file.
  • Feature change in TapeUtil: Updated to support specifying TDP paths file on the command line for alternate TDP paths.
  • Feature change in TapeUtil: Added /RandomData command line option to the DiskWriteTest action.
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added a TapeWriteTest action.
2.7.0 06/04/2020
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: If a library encountered an error when loading inventory, the first drive in the library would not respond to control commands.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added a port information screen.
2.6.0 05/12/2020
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: A software limitation would cause tape drives after drive number 16 to show up as stand-alone tape drives if more than 16 were defined in a library.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator and ViTLWebManager: Set a limit of 128 drives per library.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Decreased the delay time when shutting down the service to help speed up the shutdown process.
2.5.0 05/06/2020
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Updated the label information screen to display the size of each saved item.
  • Feature addition in ViTLCore2: Updated the LabelFile class to calculate the size of each saved item.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator: Added support for replaceable tokens in the command line parameters when using EXECPGM or EXECPGMUBD.
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added support for appending to a physical tape when using the TapeOut action.
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added support for rewind, unload, or leave when using the TapeOut action.
2.4.0 04/29/2020
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager and ViTLDaemon: Added support for email notifications when performing replication and retention.
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator and ViTLWebManager: Fixed a bug that would cause the authorization to be reported as invalid if the number of ports authorized was more than 16 or the number of storage slots authorized was more than 4096.
2.3.0 04/09/2020
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator and ViTLWebManager: Added support for “UBD Mode” stand alone tape drive mode.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added option to allow/disallow setting write protect status on media in the group access settings.
  • Feature addition in ViTL IBM i Library: Added CRTTAPUBD and LOADTAPUBD commands to create and load a tape when in UBD mode.
  • Feature addition in ViTL IBM i Library: Added EXECPGMUBD, IMPTAPUBD, EXPTAPUBD commands to execute programs, import, and export tape images when in UBD mode.
  • Bug fix in TSPIFCQL2600 driver: Fixed a bug that prevented it from loading on Windows Server 2016.
  • Feature change in TSPIFCQL2500 and TSPIFCQL2600 driver: Updated with latest digital signatures.
2.1.0 02/07/2020
  • Bug fix in ViTLDriverConfig: The WWNN setting wasn’t being saved to the registry properly.
  • Bug fix in TSPIFCQL2600: If a SCSI command was received on a virtual port that wasn’t being used, an auto response was being sent back on the wrong port.
  • Feature change in ViTLDriverConfig: Updated to display the WWPN in the device manager description for QLogic devices.
  • Feature addition: Added support for the QLogic 2500 series (8Gb) Fibre Channel HBAs.
  • Feature addition: With the QLogic 8Gb HBA, we can support NPIV using direct connect with Arbitrated Loop (AL) connection mode.
2.0.0 01/23/2020
  • Feature Addition: Added TSPIFCQL2600 device driver to support using QLogic 2600 and 2700 series fibrechannel HBAs in target mode with NPIV support.
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator, ViTLWebManager, ViTLCore2, ViTLDaemon: Added support for TSPIFCQL2600 device driver.
  • Feature Addition/Change: Added TSPIATTO device driver to replace TSPIFC driver.
  • Feature Addition: Added ViTLDriverConfig program to simplify configuration of TSPIATTO and TSPIFCQL2600 registry settings.
  • Feature Addition: Support for the following QLogic Fibre Channel HBAs:
    QLE2660, QLE2662, and QLE2664
    QLE2670, and QLE2672
    QLE2690, QLE2692, and QLE2694
  • When using the QLogic cards, NPIV* is supported only when connected to a Fibre Channel switch. Up to 15 virtual ports can be defined on each physical port.  Direct connect is supported with the QLogic cards, you just can’t do NPIV with a direct connection at this time. You can direct connect at 16Gbps speed in P2P mode or 8Gbps and lower in AL mode.
  • Supports windows server 2016 and higher
  • Resolves the problem where an error is logged during the IBM IPL.
  • The TSPIFC driver that works with ATTO has been renamed TSPIATTO. To upgrade to this version, you will need to un-install the TSPIFC driver and install the TSPIATTO driver. The TSPIATTO driver works on server 2012 or higher.
  • A program named ViTLDriverConfig has been created so that you can modify the driver settings for the ATTO and QLogic driver without having to use RegEdit and registry files.

* What is NPIV and why does it matter?
NPIV stands for N_Port ID Virtualization. It means you can make a single physical port look like multiple (virtual) ports to a Fibre Channel switch. It can reduce the number of physical connections required when plugging into the switch.

Without NPIV, each tape library/drive must use a physical connection to the switch. FC switches can be pretty expensive, so being able to use fewer physical connections is a good thing. With NPIV you can now present up to 15 tape libraries/drives per physical connection.

1.17.0 06/28/2019
  • Feature addition in ViTLDaemon: Added functionality to import and export tape files into or out of ViTL.
  • Feature addition in ViTLDaemon: Added ability to create/update a job queue for display in the ViTL Web Manager with functionality to cancel a job.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added a screen to view the job queue and optionally cancel a job in progress.
  • Feature change in ViTLWebManager: Modified the import and export functionality so that it runs a job in the background using ViTLDaemon.
  • Feature addition in ViTL IBM i Library: Added two commands: IMPTAP and EXPTAP to import or export a tape file from
    the IBM i.
1.16.0 05/06/2019
  • The major feature added to this version is replication with cloud support and retention. The replication feature allows customers to store copies of their backups on Amazon S3 object storage, Microsoft Azure BLOB (Binary Large OBject) storage, or a network path.The retention feature can be used to delete expired backups from the local library path or cloud/network storage path.
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: The emulator wasn’t checking to see if a volume was already in inventory when creating a new tape or importing an existing tape. In some circumstances this could lead to duplicate entries in the inventory.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Modified the inventory load routine to make sure duplicate volumes are not loaded into inventory.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Added expiration date to the inventory.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added screens to configure replication and retention.
  • Feature change in ViTLWebManager: Added expiration column to the manage media screen.
  • Feature addition: Added ViTLDaemon program to perform replication, retention, and other utility tasks.
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added a command line option to create/initialize a tape file.
1.15.0 01/31/2019
  • Bug fix in ViTLWebManager: After upgrading from version 1.12.0 or older, the edit library screen would show “No” in the control path column for the first drive even though the first drive is always a control path
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: The media labels display can now be sorted by clicking a column header
  • Feature addition: Created a ViTL library with commands to create tape images and execute programs from the IBM i
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator: Added support for creating a tape image and executing programs from the IBM i and other hosts
  • Installer Update: Added registry settings and ATTO drivers for 16 Gb fibrechannel cards
1.14.0 12/18/2018
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator, ViTLService, and TapeUtil: Converted to 64 bit
  • Installer Update: Included latest versions of ATTO drivers and flash
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: In certain circumstances where ViTL is shared between multiple initiators the wrong initiator could be deregistered when a persistent reservation was released
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: A “media changed” unit attention status was set each time a SCSI load command was received instead of only when the media had actually changed