1.15.0 01/31/2019
  • Bug fix in ViTLWebManager: After upgrading from version 1.12.0 or older, the edit library screen would show “No” in the control path column for the first drive even though the first drive is always a control path
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: The media labels display can now be sorted by clicking a column header
  • Feature addition: Created a ViTL library with commands to create tape images and execute programs from the IBM i
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator: Added support for creating a tape image and executing programs from the IBM i and other hosts
  • Installer Update: Added registry settings and ATTO drivers for 16 Gb fibrechannel cards
1.14.0 12/18/2018
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator, ViTLService, and TapeUtil: Converted to 64 bit
  • Installer Update: Included latest versions of ATTO drivers and flash
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: In certain circumstances where ViTL is shared between multiple initiators the wrong initiator could be deregistered when a persistent reservation was released
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: A “media changed” unit attention status was set each time a SCSI load command was received instead of only when the media had actually changed