1.17.0 06/28/2019
  • Feature addition in ViTLDaemon: Added functionality to import and export tape files into or out of ViTL.
  • Feature addition in ViTLDaemon: Added ability to create/update a job queue for display in the ViTL Web Manager with functionality to cancel a job.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added a screen to view the job queue and optionally cancel a job in progress.
  • Feature change in ViTLWebManager: Modified the import and export functionality so that it runs a job in the background using ViTLDaemon.
  • Feature addition in ViTL IBM i Library: Added two commands: IMPTAP and EXPTAP to import or export a tape file from
    the IBM i.
1.16.0 05/06/2019
  • The major feature added to this version is replication with cloud support and retention. The replication feature allows customers to store copies of their backups on Amazon S3 object storage, Microsoft Azure BLOB (Binary Large OBject) storage, or a network path.The retention feature can be used to delete expired backups from the local library path or cloud/network storage path.
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: The emulator wasn’t checking to see if a volume was already in inventory when creating a new tape or importing an existing tape. In some circumstances this could lead to duplicate entries in the inventory.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Modified the inventory load routine to make sure duplicate volumes are not loaded into inventory.
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator: Added expiration date to the inventory.
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: Added screens to configure replication and retention.
  • Feature change in ViTLWebManager: Added expiration column to the manage media screen.
  • Feature addition: Added ViTLDaemon program to perform replication, retention, and other utility tasks.
  • Feature addition in TapeUtil: Added a command line option to create/initialize a tape file.
1.15.0 01/31/2019
  • Bug fix in ViTLWebManager: After upgrading from version 1.12.0 or older, the edit library screen would show “No” in the control path column for the first drive even though the first drive is always a control path
  • Feature addition in ViTLWebManager: The media labels display can now be sorted by clicking a column header
  • Feature addition: Created a ViTL library with commands to create tape images and execute programs from the IBM i
  • Feature addition in ViTLEmulator: Added support for creating a tape image and executing programs from the IBM i and other hosts
  • Installer Update: Added registry settings and ATTO drivers for 16 Gb fibrechannel cards
1.14.0 12/18/2018
  • Feature change in ViTLEmulator, ViTLService, and TapeUtil: Converted to 64 bit
  • Installer Update: Included latest versions of ATTO drivers and flash
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: In certain circumstances where ViTL is shared between multiple initiators the wrong initiator could be deregistered when a persistent reservation was released
  • Bug fix in ViTLEmulator: A “media changed” unit attention status was set each time a SCSI load command was received instead of only when the media had actually changed