LaserVault ViTL Offers Easy Migration From ProtecTIER

With only five months until IBM’s ProtecTIER products meet their End Of Service date, we understand the heightened focus on ensuring the ability to store and recover your data.

Replacing ProtecTIER doesn’t have to be complicated. Transition to LaserVault ViTL without disrupting current operations, and you can continue to use existing backup commands.

With LaserVault ViTL virtual tape library solution, you can backup your IBM Power System (iSeries, AS/400, System i, AIX and Linux) through remote access, plus:

  • save your backups onsite and to the cloud
  • no need to have an operator present
  • get automated unattended backup and remote replication
  • quick installation on most existing systems – install in the morning
    and run your backups to ViTL that same evening
  • POC systems are available for qualifying companies

With over 30 years of experience in the data storage industry, we can help you design and implement a VTL replacement plan to fit your business needs.

If your current VTL or backup and recovery solution is costing too much, we invite you to take a look at us and see what we can do for you. Contact us today for more information and to receive a quote.

Learn how LaserVault ViTL virtual tape will work in your environment by seeing a quick live on-line demo.



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