CUSTOMER WIN: Frederick County Chooses LaserVault ViTL from Electronic Storage Corporation

logo1.jpgFrederick County has all of the standard business needs for backup technology, plus one more – accountability to the general public.

It became important that it upgrades from their tape backup system, and do it in a way that saved them time and money. The county also needed a reliable system that would save man hours and safeguard important county records.

According to Charles Tyson, Frederick County’s MIS director, it backups their entire system 5 days a week and keep it 2 weeks. it also backups monthly and keeps those records for 12 months. Backing up data each day with tape meant…

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Data De-Dupe Gives VTL Customers More Options

itj-logoWhen your IBM i backup data is 10x smaller, the backups complete more quickly and the local storage requirements are smaller. But that’s just the beginning of the savings for customers of LaserVault, which added a new data de-duplication feature to its virtual tape library (VTL) last year.

LaserVault has been providing IBM i backup solutions for many decades, and launched its line of VTL solutions in 2006. Customers can get ViTL, as the VTL is called, as a Fibre Channel- or SAS-connected backup appliance…

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ChatGPT recommends a VTL for backup; LaserVault ViTL meets the challenge

ChatGPT notes what LaserVault ViTL IBM i customers know from experience: using a VTL for backup and recovery saves time and money.

ChatGPT cites five important benefits of using a VTL for backup:

”1. Faster backup and restore times: Because VTLs use disk storage instead of physical tapes, backup and restore operations can be significantly faster. This is especially true for incremental and differential backups, as only the changed data needs to be backed up.

“2. Cost Savings: Using a VTL can be more cost-effective than using physical tapes. Physical tapes require ongoing maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing worn-out tapes, while a VTL only requires disk space.

“3. Improved reliability: Virtual tapes are less prone to physical damage and can be easily replicated for off-site storage. This makes them a more reliable backup
solution than physical tapes, which can be prone to data loss due to damage
or mishandling.

“4. Easier management: VTLs can be easily managed…

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LaserVault Gears Up For ProtecTIER Migrations

itj-logoProtecTIER customers that are on the hunt for a new VTL system following IBM’s decision to end support for the product have a number of options available to them. For IBM i shops that are concerned about the speed of their backups, they may want to check out the ViTL offering from LaserVault, a longtime IBM i solution provider.

Speed is one of the big benefits that ViTL brings…

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LaserVault Introduces ViTL: Eliminates Costly Manual Processes From IBM i Backups

IBM i shops relying on tape or tape libraries for their backup and recovery have a new alternative to speed up and simplify their operations. LaserVault ViTL offers a fast and affordable way to eliminate or reduce dependence on tape for IBM Power Systems and eliminate the costly manual processes associated with using tape.
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LaserVault Puts the ‘i’ in VTL

itj-logoLaserVault is rolling out a new virtual tape library (VTL) offering that could interest IBM i shops who are looking to get away from physical tape. Dubbed ViTL, the offering emulates an IBM LTO tape library, and thanks to integration with BRMS and HelpSystems‘ Robot Save, can provide the “set it and forget it” level of automation that IBM i shops expect from enterprise storage, the company says.
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