Seamless Replication and Ease of Use Make LaserVault ViTL Best Solution for MilliporeSigma



Chemical, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

  • Tape handling and storage issues
  • Data storage costs
  • Need to replicate data

LaserVault ViTL Virtual Tape Library Emulation Solution

  • Time savings found by eliminating manual management and storage of tapes
  • Cost savings found by getting rid of the need to store tapes
  • Ease of use compared to using tape
  • Seamless replication ensures data availability


MilliporeSigma faced multiple challenges when it came to their backup and recovery operations. According to Bob Simonetti, MilliporeSigma’s IT Systems senior administrator, these included the daily complexities of managing physical tapes, storing tapes, and the costs associated with tape storage.

“We needed a way to eliminate tape and to have the ability to easily replicate our data,” says Simonetti.


To solve their backup and recovery challenges MilliporeSigma selected the LaserVault ViTL virtual tape solution for IBM Power Systems. ViTL enables automated backup and recovery operations, and elimination of the use of physical tape and tape drives. With ViTL, backups can be saved to a hard drive, NAS, SAN, deduplication appliance or the cloud.

At MilliporeSigma, they’ve eliminated their tape media challenges and replaced the need to manage tape with ViTL and its easy to use interface.

Plus they are now easily able to replicate their data, ensuring multiple copies are available and shoring up their disaster recovery protection. With their data safely maintained at more than one location, they are now less vulnerable to business interruption.


Simonetti keeps the system running via a scheduler, automating one more process with ViTL that helps make their daily backups easier.

“Seamless replication and ease of use” are Simonetti’s two favorite ViTL features. “The ViTL product does a good job working for us.


“The ease of use and the ability to eliminate tape media make ViTL a good choice for those in the wholesale/distribution industry.”


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