Newell Brands Replaces ProtecTIER With LaserVault ViTL For IBM i Backups


Newell Brands


  • Need virtual tape solution to replace ProtecTIER
  • Need to get away from managing tape and tape libraries for 2 IBM i systems running V7R3
  • Solution must be able to handle 50TB per day or more

LaserVault ViTL Virtual Tape Library Emulation Solution

  • Replaced ProtecTIER
  • No longer have to deal with tape libraries, tape drives and tapes
  • Minimal maintenance required to manage
  • Right price for full featured virtual tape solution


IBM i Platform Manager at Newell Brands, Mark Sieracki, explains the backup challenges the company faced:

“We were sunsetting ProtecTIER and we needed a virtual tape solution for iSeries.


Also, we moved all of our hardware to data centers. We no longer had the ability to service our equipment in our facilities.”

The challenge for Newell Brands was to find a replacement for ProtecTIER. The new solution must also be able to handle their backup requirements of 50TB per day or more for their two IBM i systems.


Newell Brands chose LaserVault ViTL for their IBM i backup and recovery needs and to replace ProtecTIER.

ViTL is a virtual tape library solution designed specifically for the needs of IBM i shops looking to streamline operations. ViTL eliminates the need for physical tape and allows users to manage backup and recovery of IBM Power Systems through remote access.

“ViTL was new but had all the functionality we were looking for at the right price.”


“We have 2 ViTL systems. One is at our production DC (PROD and HA) and one in our DR DC. In PROD, we back up journal receivers off the production LPARS, and on HA we do daily backups.


On HA we do a daily for a large LPAR. We also use ViTL to replicate tapes from PROD to DR.”

“ViTL is working as expected,” says Mark. “Not having to deal with tape libraries, tape drives and tapes has been a definite benefit.”

“LV customer/technical service has been very helpful. They’ve always been able to address our issues. And the ViTL system has required very little maintenance.



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