ViTL is a virtual tape library solution for IBM Power Systems. ViTL connects via Fibre Channel or SAS to your iSeries, System i, Linux or AIX system. Save your backups without tape to your hard drive or NAS, SAN or Deduplication Appliance.

ViTL Powerhouse Backup and Recovery for IBM i

  • Supports D-mode IPL
  • Works with BRMS, Robot Save and IBM backup commands
  • Virtual tapes appear as tape media to the iSeries or other host
  • Emulates an IBM TS3200 tape library (3573-L4U) with extra cartridges
  • One tape library per FC or SAS connection to the ViTL server
  • Up to 15 connections per physical port with NPIV
  • Supports multiple virtual tape drives assigned to one or more virtual tape libraries
  • No limit on the size of virtual tape files other than available disk space
  • Option to backup to the cloud



Fast and Easy

  • Fastest backup for IBM i and fastest recovery speeds
  • Automated backup and recovery to use in place of physical tape handling
  • Use with standard IBM backup/restore commands

Safe and Secure

  • Instantly create users and passwords
  • Assign groups and members quickly
  • Administrator privileges provide secure access
  • More reliable than tape with easy web interface
  • Enhanced data protection for ransomware, virtual air gap

A Great Value

  • Lower cost than other VTLs with more cartridges and drives for a lower price
  • Options available for more drives and more slots than tape without adding additional hardware
  • AES-256 encryption and compression included


  • IBM Power Systems (iSeries, AS/400, System i, Linux, AIX)
  • V5R4 or later of IBM i
  • Fibre Channel or SAS connection
  • 12GB SAS Connection
  • Complete ViTL solution includes hardware and software with Windows
    server appliance that connects via Fibre Channel or SAS
  • Also available as software only for your hardware or VM
  • Remote installation recommended; on-site available
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