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Instantly replace your tape backup with UBD for faster, more secure backups and restores. UBD is an all-flash appliance that plugs into your IBM i instead of your tape drive and supports the same CL and backup commands you are already using. Built in deduplication and replication simplifies your backup process and increases your Disaster Recovery protection. UBD supports backup for IBM i, Linux, AIX, and Windows servers. UBD is also available as a Windows VM.  More »

“Being able to have virtual backups instead of using tape was an integral part of our DR plan. We can now easily and automatically take frequent snapshots of our data. We use UBD with both our production and development AS/400s. We just upgraded from a Power5 to a Power 8 and the transparency of using UBD is seamless. The transition from the operational and CL side was very easy.”
36th District Court, Detroit  Continue Reading »

“UBD saves a lot of time for us. Previously our daily backups took 30-45 minutes to start, now they start in 10. And the best part about using UBD is the ease of doing a restore.”
City of Manhattan, Kansas   Continue Reading »

“A backup solution needs to be rock solid dependable and just work. UBD has exceeded that expectation already.”
City of Dothan   Continue Reading »


LaserVault Replacador

Move copies of your backup offsite without tape. Deduplication with replication makes it possible. Replacador makes replication affordable.  More »


LVBackup is a tapeless disk-to-disk (D2D) backup system for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries,
System i) users. Backup your iSeries to disk with a TCP/IP connection. Your backups can easily be copied for
offsite backup or restored to the IBM i.  More »

“Getting data to our DR site without having to transport tapes is critical.  LaserVault works with our AS/400 and lets us eliminate the DR tapes, so it was a great solution for us to find.”
Roosevelt Paper Company   Continue Reading »

“LaserVault Backup is a very good solution. It gives us an easy way to restore object by object instead of having to restore full backups in order to get data for one file only.”
Ransome Cat, Pennsylvania   Continue Reading »


LaserVault DMS10 with Workflow 

Store, index and retrieve documents and faxes across your network or the Internet using phones,
tablets, Windows or Linux.  More »

“Stopping printing has saved 1,000s of pages of paper, toner and time! We use LaserVault to manage our PDFs, TIFFs, shipping docs, several daily parts reports and several month-end reports.”
Carter Machinery Company   Continue Reading »

“We use DMS for a multitude of documents: resolutions, ordinances, AP, payroll, HR, GIS, police records, fire EMS, risk management, business license applications, etc.”
City of Hoover, Alabama   Continue Reading »

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