UBD Virtual Tape Disk Backup and Restore Solution
UBD virtual tape backup and restore solution for IBM iBest Seller!   Universal Backup Device (UBD) is a virtual backup and restore solution for faster, more secure backups and restores. UBD is a fibre channel appliance that plugs into your IBM i. Use instead of a tape drive.

Transitioning to UBD is easy because it supports the same CL and backup commands that you are already using. Built-in deduplication and replication simplifies your backup process and increases your Disaster Recovery protection. UBD supports backup for IBM i, Linux, AIX, and Windows servers. It’s also available as a Windows VM.

LaserVault UBD – Recovery at the speed of light!
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“UBD has been working seamlessly. It’s transparent and issue free. The Operating System sees it as a local tape drive, and the UI is intuitive and easy to use.”
−  Jordano’s
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ViTL Virtual Tape Library Emulation Solution
LaserVault ViTL virtual tape library solution for IBM Power SystemsBest Seller!   ViTL is a virtual tape library (VTL) backup solution for IBM i Power Systems. ViTL connects via Fibre Channel or SAS to your iSeries, System i, Linux, or AIX system. Works with BRMS, Robot Save, and IBM backup commands.

LaserVault offers the best in virtual backup and restore solutions for IBM i, and LaserVault ViTL gives you the ability to automatically replicate your data to the cloud for even better protection. ViTl is more reliable than tape, and uses an easy web interface. There is no limit on the size of virtual tape files other than available disk space. Save your backups, without using tape, to your hard drive or NAS, SAN or deduplication appliance.

LaserVault ViTL gives you recovery at the speed of light!
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“ViTL offers excellent save/restore times and comes at a great price. It was a quick and easy setup, and LaserVault Support was great at assisting us with integration and installation.”
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Laservault Backup Virtual Disk to Disk Solution
LaserVault Backup for IBM i via TCP/IP connectionBest Seller! LVBackup is a virtual disk-to-disk (D2D) backup solution for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) users. Backup your iSeries to disk with a TCP/IP connection. LVBackup doesn’t use Save Files on the iSeries. All you need is an iSeries, a Windows-based backup server, and LaserVault software.

Your backups can easily be copied for offsite backup or restored to your IBM i. LaserVault Backup provides for easy management of daily and weekly saves.
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“LaserVault Backup is a very good solution. It gives us an easy way to restore object by object instead of having to restore full backups in order to get data for one file only.”
− Ransome Cat, Pennsylvania
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DMS10 Document Management Solution
DMS10 affordable document management systemBest Seller!   DMS10 with Workflow is a complete Document Management System (DMS).  DMS10 provides affordable document management with enterprise-level features.

Store, index and retrieve documents and faxes across your network or the Internet using phones, tablets, Windows or Linux.

Reduce your reliance on paper documents. Reduce costs and overhead. Improve your customer service response times. No longer drown in your paper documents. Alleviate your paper processing backlogs.

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“We use DMS for a multitude of documents: resolutions, ordinances, AP, payroll, HR, GIS, police records, fire EMS, risk management, business license applications, etc.”
− City of Hoover, Alabama
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