Improve security for your paper documents with Laservault DMS10. Using LaserVault DMS10, our browser based document management system, you can scan your documents and secure them with user names, passwords and encryption, then create copies for offsite storage.

Stopping printing has saved 1,000s of pages of paper, toner and time! We use LaserVault to manage our PDFs, TIFFs, shipping docs, several daily parts reports and several month-end reports.”
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The Benefits of a Digital Document Management System

To see how a digital Document Management System can benefit your company, please take a few minutes to watch this quick ‘Document Management 101’ video.


New!  BYOD imaging

DMS10 now works with mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and Google Android phones and tablets. Now you can access your documents when you need them, no matter where you are.

Ax Synar, Executive VP DMS10 Sales and Consulting

Ax Synar, Executive VP
DMS10 Sales and Consulting


Realize your cost savings immediately. Eliminate paper and the high costs associated with filing, storing, managing, securing, destroying and retrieving data. Instant retrieval of company and customer documents becomes the most cost saving aspect of using DMS10.



Pam Tudor, Sr Account Executive, DMS10 Sales and Consulting

Pam Tudor
Sr Account Executive
DMS10 Sales and Consulting


The time it takes you to access your documents is cut tenfold. With DMS10 you can retrieve documents in a couple of seconds. In addition, our newest DMS10 feature allows you to access your documents on your mobile device, so you can retrieve documents from anywhere.

Whatever you need, DMS10 can be used for filing and managing a wide range of documents, including:

  • payables
  • purchase orders
  • cash batches
  • chargebacks
  • customer agreements
  • sales orders
  • invoices
  • statements
  • certificates of compliance
  • leases and agreements
  • payroll reports
  • personnel records
  • proof of deliveries
  • routing guides
  • shipping documents

Set it up Once and let DMS10 Handle the Rest

With the touch of a single key, DMS10 allows you to:

Manage your documents with less labor, time and effort. Define document retention, archiving and secure access with DMS10. Implementing a document management solution can have a profound impact on your organization. Learn how with our white paper “3 Strategic Reasons to Implement a Document Management Solution.”

DMS10 Workflow

Lost documents or delay of an approval can cost your company thousands each month. With DMS10 Workflow, you can create a document workflow process matching the same business process that paper documents follow. The difference is that DMS10 makes that paper process completely automated. Approve and/or review documents from our web browser interface, make notes on documents before approving, attach additional documents, perform index functions and approve documents from your email.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Requests
  • Customer Contracts
  • H/R Documents
  • Sales Quotes

Workflow keeps your customers (internal and external) from falling through the cracks. By significantly improving productivity and ensuring critical processes are not overlooked, key departments, such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving, Sales and Customer Service, will find Workflow a powerful tool to manage and improve their areas. Going paperless is easier than you think and the benefits are much greater than what you  expect. Let us show you how with an on-line demo.

The DMS10 system offers enterprise level functionality at one low price, where most other document management solutions charge by the user and are much more expensive.

An added bonus is that support for DMS10 is provided by the same people who developed the product and we truly understand how it works. This enables us to provide experienced and dedicated support, so you know you are getting the best. Get instant access to your documents with DMS10. Request a quote or schedule a live on-line demo.

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