Robot Save + Vitl = Turnkey automated backupsUsing HelpSystems’ Robot Save with LaserVault ViTL gives you a streamlined backup and recovery process for your IBM Power System.

“Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Technology for IBM i”

Watch this special webinar hosted by Chuck Losinski, Director of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems, and Erik Dabrowsky, our VP of Software Development.

Chuck and Erik join forces and discuss the merits of virtual tape and show you how VTL technology can replace your traditional tape backups and learn why VTL technology is critical for secure, automated backups. Watch it here. 

HelpSystems and LaserVault have come together to provide a turnkey automated backup solution for IBM i. LaserVault ViTL virtual tape library solution works flawlessly with backup software such as Robot Save. ViTL appears as tape media to the iSeries, Robot Save, and BRMS, emulating an IBM TS3200 tape library (3573-L4U) with extra cartridges. Easy web interfaces provide the user with fast accessibility and eliminate the need for physical tape handling and associated delays.

Robot Save + Vitl = Turnkey automated backups. Using Robot Save with ViTL gives you the best in data backup management software combined with powerhouse virtual tape emulation.

The new ViTL product is a winner. Combined with Robot Save your unattended IBM i backups are a snap, even restricted state.”
Chuck Losinski, Director of Technical Solutions, HelpSystems

Find out about using ViTL with Robot Save by seeing a 20-minute online demo.  For a limited time get a $50 Amazon card when the demo is complete.


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