IBM i Backups Become Faster And Easier For Cash-Wa Distributing Using LaserVault ViTL


Cash-Wa Distributing


  • Using tape too slow and too many steps
  • Need the ability to write to Cloud Storage

LaserVault ViTL Virtual Tape Library Emulation Solution

  • Faster and easier backups for IBM i
  • Virtual backup to network drives and Cloud Storage
  • Streamlined backup operations for multiple locations


The problems of too much time and too many steps being required to manage their tape backups was the motivation for Cash-Wa Distribution Company to seek a solution that would better fit their needs.

“We needed a system that would increase the speed of our backups, be reliable without errors, and work the way we required,” says Justin Madsen, IBM i Systems Administrator at Cash-Wa.


After researching multiple solutions, Cash-Wa selected LaserVautl ViTL to replace the use of tape for their backup and recovery.

ViTL is a virtual tape and tape library solution designed for use with IBM Power Systems. ViTL virtual tapes appear as tape media to the iSeries or other host, and enables automatic compression and encryption. There is no limit on the size of virtual tape files other than available disk space.

After installing their first ViTL solution, Cash-Wa followed up with adding ViTL
to a second physical location to improve their data backup protection.


Implementing ViTL has enabled Cash-Was to streamline and enhance operational efficiency by eliminating the demands of using manual tape.

“ViTL is working pretty well for us. Our backups are faster and easier than when we were using tape, and ViTL allows us to write virtual backups to our network drives and cloud storage.


“The LaserVault Solutions Engineer was very good. He was patient as we worked through customizing the system to work the way we needed it to.


“Companies in the wholesale and distribution industry could also benefit from making the switch to ViTL because it is a better way to get backup and storage for iSeries IBM Power Servers than a tape drive,” says Justin.


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